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Spend the Day

We Invite You to
Spend the Day with Our Team

And leave with the proven blueprints YOU need to grow your business without trial and error, costly mistakes or lost time that can't be regained

Attention Financial advisors who want more…
Do any of these statements resonate with you?

  • You’re working a lot…likely 7 days/week and feel “stuck” in the same level of production
  • You feel like you’re on a hamster wheel every month and don’t know how to get off
  • You’re performing all or too many functions of the business – from processing paperwork to placing trades, to meeting with clients, to filing, compliance, bill-paying, prospecting…everything
  • You don’t have effective and efficient systems and processes to help run your business
  • Maybe you have one or two employees, but the employees have all of the information in their heads – there are no written systems and processes so effectively the employees have you “over a barrel”
  • You don’t feel like you can ever leave or take time off for extended periods of time – maybe a long weekend is about the extent of your time off
  • You feel you have to be in every meeting and have to be at the office all the time so the ‘wheels don’t fall off’
  • You don’t feel like, or really don’t have, qualified people who can meet with the clients
  • You’re not sure how to have qualified employees or how to give them training, opportunity, empowerment or confidence to meet with clients
  • You sell yourself and not the firm or the philosophy of the firm
  • You don’t know or use the art/science and psychology of “leverage” – maybe you think it can’t be done in a personal services business (as opposed to dentists, who have figured this out so well)

If any of these sounded like you…good news; you’re in the right place at the right time

Believe me, I have felt or thought about every one of these statements early in my career. I know, there are very few professional “tracks” for an advisor to run on.  You go to conference after conference and pick up “tidbits” but unless you have a total shift in your mindset, all you do is piece these “tidbits” together.

Yet, we were sent in the finance services profession to sink or swim. If you’re anything like me, you had ZERO experience running or managing a business. As my business coach, Dan Sullivan says, we are “Rugged Individualists.” Unlike the career paths of other professions like CPAs or attorneys, we don’t have a defined career path.

Now revealed to “Rugged Individualists” who want more…
The proven blueprints of a Barron’s Top 100 producer that show you exactly how to build a self-sustaining, multi-seven-figure financial services business without working more hours

If you are a financial advisor who wants to grow your practice 2X or 10X, this training program will show you:

  • How to grow your business by 10x in a few short years.
  • How to create a multi-million-dollar financial services business that grows by itself, without your day to day involvement.
  • How to create more financial wealth and personal freedom with less time in the office

Here's what a couple of the past participants had to say:

“I feel like I have thousands of ideas running through my head on how to propel our own practice using the principals learned in the session. The day was truly inspirational and extremely personal. Thank you for opening your practice for “all to see” and I understand your staffs feeling of vulnerability in doing so. As an advisor who is always open to learning from those whom are extremely successful, I have a heartfelt appreciation for allowing me the opportunity to see the inner workings of your company.” ~ Cindy J., Edmond, OK

“Outstanding investment of my time and money! Not often you can come learn from a person who has been enormously successful in our industry, yet is completely open and willing to share ALL her knowledge and intellectual property – what works, what doesn’t, admit to failures and share the secret sauce of what took years and millions of dollars to build.” ~ Jeff C. Miller, Charleston, SC

“This is a great meeting for anyone wanting to take their business to the next level. Erin’s willingness to share what is behind the curtain helped to expand my understanding of what is possible. My biggest takeaway was that this type of practice is achievable by anyone. No special abilities are required. If you have a vision of turning your practice into a business, this is a great stepping stone towards realizing that vision.” ~ Kelly Q., Palm Beach, FL

So many advisors have already changed their businesses and their lives after spending the day.
Take a look at what they had to say here:

Spend the Day with Our Team
Learn How to Make the Five Keys to Success Work for You

Here's just a sample of what attendees can expect to get:

  • Learn 5 things you can do immediately to impact your business
  • Take home 8 to 10 systems and processes you can incorporate immediately to run your practice
  • Learn 2 tools we use to hire the right people
  • Learn the ultimate key to working with high net worth individuals
  • Briefing from our marketing team to show you how to ensure a constant stream of new clients
  • Over $30,000 of legal agreement templates


  • The psychology and steps of building a business that is not dependent upon you
  • Our approach talk and setting the new Rules of Engagement
  • Overview of staff and what they do for the business and for the clients
  • Review of key systems and processes we use to create consistent experiences for the clients
  • Key to working with high net worth individuals – Estate Planning 101
  • How to exponentially increase your credibility by writing a book
  • Breakout Sessions: Assistants
  • Creating the Ritz Carlton Experience for your clients
  • Protecting the confidence of the producer
  • Marketing Team Briefing
  • Lifestyle Driven Investing TM – optional
  • One on one time with team members for specific questions

This unique program allows you to see behind the curtain of my Barron's Top 100 business

Your investment in success: $2995/person*

The following is included:
Breakfast and Lunch
All Day with the Team

This hands-on training is a small group 'boardroom' program designed to foster individualized learning.
Space is limited and available only to the first 18 to register.
Book your seat now before they fill up.

Learn directly from the Botsford team members
what they do and how they do it.

No trainings at this time.
Look for our upcoming 2019 dates

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