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6 Ways to Think Like a Boss and Be a Great Leader

Thinking like a boss, no matter your title will elevate your leadership abilities from good to great and pave the way to success.

Don’t be fooled. The work of a great leader is a challenging role and takes persistent commitment and dedication to maintain.

However, with a “boss” mentality no challenge will ever be too big or too great.

Why An “Employee Mindset” Can Be Limiting

When you are an employee, you fill a particular role or need and are relatively confined by a set of boundaries. An employee relies on the leadership and management of a superior to make decisions and take action.

However, the “employee mindset” can lead to a lack of innovation and ambition.

It’s not to say employees should not follow the leadership of their company — that’s a given. But if you aspire to be a leader, yet maintain the mindset of an employee, you’re limiting your potential.

Here are six ways to start thinking like a boss and become a great leader.

1. Push the Envelope

Never linger in your comfort zone; you should always seek the next best thing or possible advancement. If you start to feel too comfortable, ask yourself how a process, product or service can be better.

Challenge yourself on a daily basis; create lofty goals and actions plans for achieving them.

2. Take Ownership

“A team is only as strong as its weakest link.”

Recognize the success of your business is your sole responsibility. Your team is there to support you, but ultimately the outcome relies on your management and leadership skills.

One way to align your team to your vision is by making a clear set of goals and values. Write them down and get specific, that way everyone is on the same page and if a setback occurs, you have a roadmap to getting back on course.

When a setback occurs, ask yourself what ownership you take in the situation and identify how you can do better in the future.

3. Demonstrate Trust

Surround yourself with a strong team, who understands your vision and shares your passion.

Show your team how much you value their work, by praising their accomplishments and empowering them through your trust.

There is nothing worse for an employee than a boss who micromanages their work and makes it clear; they are not fully trusted.

Show humility as well, by seeking input and perspective from your team. If you run into a difficult problem, don’t carry the burden alone — consult your team and see if you can find a collective solution.

Open dialogue and feedback exchange create deep bonds among co-workers and facilitate greater creativity, trust and problem-solving.

What’s more, employee satisfaction leads to retention and a team who is loyal to your company and vision.

4. Keep a Good Head on Your Shoulders

A great leader can not efficiently manage a team or business if they can’t manage themselves.

Psychological stability and happiness are core to successful leadership. Imagine a leader who is tense, anxious and erratic — internal turmoil will inevitably impact how they run their business.

Be aware of your strengths and weakness. Capitalize on your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses with a competent team.

Great leaders are humble and aware of their setbacks — nothing is worse than a leader who believes themselves perfect or invincible.

5. Always Be Competitive

Never settle for less than you’re capable of. Even at the top of your game, aim for more.

Settling for mediocrity or status quo is just as good as giving up. In a world and business environment where opportunities are endless, you have even more an incentive to keep reaching for the stars.

6. Follow Your Passion

No incentive is better than sheer passion. When you love what you do, results come more naturally.

Identify your passion and pursue it fully. You could settle for something that makes you more money or offers immediate rewards, but what’s the point if your heart isn’t in it?

Look at the bigger picture and ask yourself what will make you happy in 5, 10, 20 years from now — are you aligning to that vision?

Great leadership doesn’t happen overnight and the “boss mentality” is one which takes times.

Uncovering your prime leadership style will inevitably be a process of trial and error; be open to mistakes and embracing of successes.

How are you thinking like a boss and seeing results? Let’s share ideas in the comments below!

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6 Ways to Think Like a Boss and Be a Great Leader
Thinking like a boss, no matter your title will elevate your leadership abilities from good to great and pave the way to success.

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