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Learning from top producer
Erin Botsford is a game-changer for advisors

looking to reach new heights. But don't take our word for it, see what others have said about her unique training opportunity.

“On behalf of Cantera Financial Associates, I want to say thank you very much for your time and presentation on Monday! We took away a lot of valuable information and we are already working on action items from our discussions coming out of Spend A Day. We will definitely be advocates for your Spend A Day…”

– Elise N. Sereda

“Another recent group of inspired ‘Spend the Day’ financial advisor graduates with Erin Botsford.”

“Here’s an inspired group learning how to grow their business to new heights with Erin’s system.”

“Here is another group of motivated financial advisor graduates spending the day learning all the key success strategies from Erin and her Top 100 team.”

“Erin Botsford with another group of advisors “Spending the Day” learning how to grow their firms exponentially.”

I did want to thank you for such a great day. I want to make a commitment to you that all your efforts were worth all your time. It is my goal to double our business in 3 years or less…I realize now the direction our Office and mostly myself needs to do to accomplish this goal…If we don’t double our business I promise to take you all out to a steak dinner and a Dallas cowboys game…

~Jerry C., Principal, RJL Financial Group

Amanda and I had a wonderful time learning all about your practice and meeting the team. This morning I feel like I have thousands of ideas running through my head on how to propel our own practice using the principals learned in the session. The day was truly inspirational and extremely personal. Thank you opening your practice for “all to see” and I understand your staffs feeling of vulnerability in doing so. As an advisor who is always open to learning from those whom are extremely successful, I have a heartfelt appreciation for allowing me the opportunity to see the inner workings of your company.

~Linda R., Financial Advisor

Please extend my thanks to Erin for being vulnerable enough to share her innermost secrets and her experiences—both the good and bad.

~Kelley E., Branch Manager

This is like ‘Advisor in a Box’…..it would have taken my staff 100’s of hours to create all of this!

~Heath, Financial Advisor

Although you already exude excellence in all you do, I feel it is more than necessary to give you all the utmost respect and complement: you are the definition of excellence! This statement is not only true, but as we are sure you are aware, others have envious desires to replicate your formula. Having said this, I truly believe the professionals who attended your inaugural practice management forum not only gained insight into your brilliance as a team, but also, the abilities that lie within each of us.
~Amanda M.

Erin, in our leadership Monday morning meeting this morning, there was a “GLOWING report” of 10 of our Allegis Advisors @ your “spending the day with Botsford Financial Group.” Well done once again Erin.
~SteVan G., Private Wealth Advisor

Showing your team’s personality profiles was intriguing and will assist us in building a true team with each individuals strengths applied. Furthermore, I am enjoyed learning the techniques used in your meetings as this will definitely help convert prospects into clients.
~Linda, Advisor

We spent the day with the Botsford office in July of 2016. The wealth of knowledge we took back to our office was invaluable. Since the meeting we have implemented numerous ideas that were recommended such as a new web page, processes and hiring someone to complement our skills. We are enthusiastic about watching our business grow because of this experience. We can’t thank the Botsford group enough
~ Kerina and Erica, Business Partners

I wanted to thank you for opening up your practice to up yesterday. You’ve built an amazing business, and I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to learn so much from you @ Spend The Day! I learn the things I’ve learned will help me in my business tremendously and I’ll be implementing many of the ideas right away. I believe what I learned yesterday, will help me accelerate the growth of my business much faster than I would have been able to do before attending your program.
I wish you much success in reaching all your dreams and goal for you and your family.
My wife and I will pray for your family as well.

~Paul Caylor

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