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Motivational Work Environment

Six Steps to Creating a Motivational Work Environment

Motivation is one of the driving forces behind a successful workplace. In all my years in the business, I have made creating a positive environment for my employees a top…

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Be an Effective Leader During Times of Crisis

When you run your own business, there are times when crisis feels inevitable. Many believe that true leadership is demonstrated in times of turbulence. How we perform when we are…

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Why Keeping Commitments Makes You A Better Leader

I want you to imagine a person you know who you consider to have integrity. What are the defining characteristics of this particular person? Why did you choose them? It’s…

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becoming influential

Six Keys to Becoming Influential

How many times have you found yourself opposed to a certain situation? Maybe it was something small like a change at your child’s school PTA or an ordinance in your…

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Respectful Communication

Boost Morale with Respectful Communication

It’s not new information that people have different ideas, different strengths, and even different communication styles, but what’s important is that even among the differences we continue to practice respectful…

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Poor Hiring Is Costing Your Firm More Than Just Dollars

High employee turnover and poor hiring decisions go hand-in-hand.   It’s a simple cause and effect scenario.   When you hire the wrong people for the job, you’re bound to…

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7 Habits for Success

Are you struggling to stick to your goals, despite knowing how important they are?   The trouble may be a lack of routine. Routine gives accountability and stability to our…

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How I Built My Dream Team (And How You Can, Too!)

In Michael Gerber’s book, The E-Myth, Revisited, Gerber rationalizes what a financial advisor must be when launching a business:    A hunter/rainmaker/salesperson, who goes out and brings in business.  A manager, who initially…

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Why Leaders Should Prioritize Honesty

Honesty is essential in all relationships; with your family, friends, spouse and colleagues. Even when the repercussions of honesty can be damaging, it’s always a better alternative to deceit. The reason being, the…

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How to Be a More Empathetic Leader & Business Owner

What is an empathetic leader? An empathetic leader leads with a goal of supporting and empowering their employees to achieve. Empathetic leaders value compassion, prioritize trust and build strong interpersonal…

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