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5 Ways to Streamline Your Business for Every Client

Is it time for you to streamline your business?

Here are seven clues it’s time to simplify your business and streamline your processes:

  1. Your contact/client information is not consolidated in one place.
  2. You have unpaid clients, who owe you money.
  3. You’re manually tracking staff pay.
  4. Client records, waivers, contracts, etc. are handled manually and have no formal process for organization.
  5. You have no work/life balance.
  6. You forget tasks, appointments, responsibilities and commitments.
  7. You’re burned out.

Streamlining your business processes takes some serious elbow grease at the start. But doing so will endlessly pay off in hours saved, down the road.

Get started by simplifying your business in 5 steps.

1. Standardize Your Client Intake Process

  • How much time is wasted thinking about what to say to a client in a first meeting, via email, during a follow-up, etc?
  • What if you could systematize this process and establish a standard approach?

Start by creating a list of potential questions or points of communication with a client. Include a response to an initial inquiry, follow-up email, proposal email, invoicing, etc.

Assuming you do similar business with all your clients, they will have similar questions, requiring similar answers.

Once you’ve created a handful of template replies, you can quickly personalize your message and reply in a matter of moments.

2. Organize Your Finances

Regardless of the magnitude of your business, set up a business bank account. Doing so will make tracking your finances exponentially easier.

Once you’re all set up, consider an online accounting software, preferably something with a mobile app so that you can track your finances anytime, anywhere.

Most software allows business owners to send invoices and reminders to clients, where you can also see if they’ve opened your email or taken action.

Come tax time, you’ll be well ahead of the game, and your accountant will thank you!

3. Select a Contact Management System

Building your network is one thing, maintaining and grooming it is another. If you’re out at networking events, meeting new people and exchange contact information, the numbers and faces can add up quickly!

A prospective client can easily fall through the cracks, if not communicated with effectively or adequately.

A content management system will allow you to track communication with your network and automate certain communications.

You’re bound to have different communication expectations for one contact versus another, based on the type of relationship you have.

A CMS can standardize the communication process with your contacts, so no one falls by the wayside, and you’re not missing out on viable opportunities.

4. Build a Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy is dependent on your business and your clients. There is no one size fits all model, and it will inevitably evolve as your business and industry do.

There are several core methods of going about marketing, each with their own commitments and opportunities:

  • Blogging: Takes a bigger commitment of time and energy, but is a profound way to display your expertise and credibility in your market.
  • Social media: Allows greater creativity and wit, but is an ever-evolving beast. Social media requires constant attention and upkeep — trends are always changing. You also must be aware which channels are more relevant to your audience so that you can focus your efforts in the right direction.
  • Email marketing: A slightly more “traditional” avenue, yet nonetheless effective. Email marketing holds opportunities for more personalized communications but must be done everso efficiently, as not to be ignored or redirected to spam.

Once you’ve settled on your marketing strategy, decide when and how often you will post.

There are plenty of apps and software which post automatically for you, once you’ve set it up. In fact, some platforms, such as Facebook have built-in capabilities to schedule posts up to months in advance!

5. Streamline Your Admin Business

Administrative work adds no immediate value to your work. On the contrary, it can distract from the bigger picture, as you get bogged down with emails and tasks.

Here are two areas to focus your administrative streamlining:

  • Email: Create a process for converting your emails into tasks so that you can soar through your inbox with efficiency.
  • Tasks: There are plenty of resources which allow you to track your projects and tasks, by partitioning them into smaller, actionable items. Creating a broader picture on your computer will keep everything organized, then you can grab a pen and paper and create a daily to-do list if that suits.

Don’t be afraid of the initial work it takes to streamline your business processes. The effort is very much worth the outcome!

Don’t be fooled though — streamlining still requires regular maintenance and upkeep — be sure to revisit all areas of your business to see how it can be improved or where something might be amiss.

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5 Ways to Streamline Your Business for Every Client
Streamlining your business processes takes some serious elbow grease at the start. But doing so will endlessly pay off in hours saved, down the road.

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