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Spend the Day

Finally revealed to advisors who want more…

The proven blueprints that show exactly how to build a self-sustaining seven-figure financial services business without working more hours

Erin Botsford teaching advisors at "Spend the Day" the proven formula for reaching Seven-Figure success

Finally revealed to advisors who want more…

The proven blueprints that show exactly how to build a self-sustaining seven-figure financial services business without working more hours

Hi, I’m Erin Botsford and you may be asking yourself what this lightbulb has to do with growing your financial services business.  And in a matter of minutes, you’ll discover why this bulb will be the key to taking your financial services business to the next level.

If you are a financial advisor who wants to grow your practice 2X or 10X, then this presentation is something you absolutely must read NOW…

By simply reading this presentation today, all the way to the end, you’ll discover…

  • How to grow your business by 10x in a few short years.
  • How to create a multi-million dollar financial services business that grows by itself, without your day to day involvement.
  • How to create more financial wealth and personal freedom with less time in the office, so you can spend more time with your family and have the ability to travel and contribute to the things you care most about.

The one common trap you must avoid

But to do this and achieve more, there is one common trap you must avoid.

So grab something to write with and watch this video carefully because I am going to reveal everything you need to know to finally end your production frustrations.

Listen, I’m sure you’ve been bombarded with marketing messages from other so-called gurus in the industry who mean well… but truthfully they haven’t been top producers themselves!

I know it’s challenging to sort through all the clutter and noise but I assure you…I won’t waste your time today.  I’ve been there and done that….so I know what I’m talking about.  I’m not someone who has watched from the sidelines and taken notes; I’ve actually created a multi-million dollar business that runs without my day to day involvement.  I’ve created an amazing life for my family and myself I could have never dreamed of.

Perhaps you believe you’ve tried everything known to mankind to build your business and yet you’re stuck at a certain level…and you know you could do more.

I know how you feel!

I was certainly there at one time myself… Although there was a seemingly endless supply of training, coaching programs and ideas on how best to reach a seven-figure status or higher….… I could never manage to get there.

I have great news!

I got there and today I’m going to show you exactly how I did it!

Picture in your mind how much better your life will be once you finally have a business that’s creating more revenue than you thought possible and one that allows you the freedom to spend your days as you want.  Let me tell you… it’s a pretty cool life.

Picture taking half the year off to travel the world and then come back to find your business has grown while you were gone!  That’s what I did….and I can show you how you can have that kind of life as well.

The odds were quite against me from the start

You may think life was always this way for me but let me assure you that couldn’t be further from the truth. I think it’s important to share my personal background so you realize where I came from – In fact you’ll be quite surprised to find out I definitely had no advantages; in fact, the odds were quite against me from the start.

I’m still surprised every day at how things turned out – I certainly had no idea I would end up being a top 1% advisor. The circumstances surrounding my life certainly didn’t indicate I would be successful in anything, let alone in the financial services business.

My family didn’t start out poor but we ended up there – I can recall this like it was yesterday – it was February 14, 1970 – Valentine’s Day. It was a crisp, cool Saturday morning. My sister and I were snuggled up in our warm bed when we woke up to the blood-curdling screams of my mother…a sound I will never forget!

I was with my family – my 2 brothers and 3 sisters… and then the scream came out of nowhere…we all ran into our parent’s bedroom to see what was happening. Quite honestly, it was 6 o’clock in the morning and I was still only half awake!   As an 11 year-old, I couldn’t wrap my head around what was going on.

After all, it was Valentine’s morning and we were supposed to be celebrating!  Yet it was clear when the paramedics showed up, there would be no celebrating today.

My dad had just had a massive heart attack in front of my mother and my 5 siblings.  He died on the way to the hospital. He was just 50 years old.

Unfortunately, my dad left my mom with 6 kids and a $10,000 life insurance policy. We went from a middle class lifestyle to poverty overnight. All of us had to go to work to help our mom keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. While most of my friends were out playing, I did whatever I could to contribute to my family’s income.

What happened next was even worse

While losing my dad was a terrible thing, what happened next was even worse and it changed my life in ways I could have never imagined. It was this one life-altering event that forever changed the way I look at money – in fact, it was at this point in my life when I learned what money really buys you….…and that’s choices!

It was November 29, 1974, the day after Thanksgiving – it was a bright sunny day without a cloud in the sky. I had picked up my girlfriend in my sister’s yellow Ford Fairlane and dropped her off at her house. I was on my way to my first ‘real’ job at McDonald’s, a job I was really proud to have because it was steady work and I was able to help my family.

And then it happened….out of nowhere, a young man who was speeding on a motorcycle slammed into my car. I had not seen him coming and really didn’t know what had just happened. I immediately stopped the car and got out. I saw the young motorcyclist lying in a ditch about 150 feet away. He was bleeding. Screaming and shaking, I begged him to be okay.

But he wasn’t okay.  The young man lived for 3 days but sadly ended up dying from his injuries. Shortly thereafter, I was charged with involuntary manslaughter by the state of CA and was forced to defend myself.  My mother and I met with an attorney who said something I’ll never forget…

He said: “Mrs. McGowan, this is purely a matter of economics. If you daughter will just plead guilty to these charges, I’ll be happy to enter the plea at no cost.  But if you want to defend your daughter it will cost you a lot of money.”

Money buys you… choices

Well…money was certainly not a resource we had so my mother said I would plead guilty. My whole life flashed before me and I feared I would spend the rest of my life in prison. I begged my mother to not make me plead guilty. That’s when my mother turned to me and with the saddest eyes said…

“Honey, I’m so sorry – we have no money and therefore we have no choice…
and THAT was the day I learned that money buys you choices.

The good news is my brother came up with a way to pay for my defense and I was found not guilty, but shortly after the criminal trial the family of the young man sued my mother and me for a ridiculous amount of money.  My mother feared we would lose the only asset she had, which was our family home.  More good news is the insurance company came to my defense in the civil suit but it was a long ordeal that lasted many years.

Despite going through criminal and civil litigation, I managed to accumulate $22,000, no small sum in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  I used $3,000 to buy a condo with a friend of mine, which turned out okay, but I gave the other $19,000 to a stock broker and he lost all of it for me in a very short period of time.

I was devastated!  It was all the money in the world I had!  I felt stupid, embarrassed, humiliated and betrayed.

Emotionally, I hit rock bottom

So by the time I was 22, I tell people I had a PhD in the “school of hard knocks.”  I had collectively experienced a lifetime of tragedy…Dead broke, I felt like I had no future and no hope. Emotionally, I hit rock bottom…But like Scarlet O’Hara in Gone with the Wind, one day I woke up and said:

As God is my witness, I am going to learn everything I can about money and investing so that will never happen to me or anyone I care about again.”

Never again would I allow ignorance or stupidity stand in the way of my personal freedom – not for me or for anyone I cared about.

I promised myself I’d spend 24 hours a day if I had to, learning everything I could so I could perfect the art of money management and build a financial planning business to help others not have to experience what I had to experience.

Over the next two decades, not only did I get into the financial services business but I ended up on TOP!  Once I figured out the secret I am going to share today, I created an entire step-by-step process for creating a business that gives our clients an amazing client experience but also does not require my day to day involvement.

My NUMBER ONE belief

After all, my NUMBER ONE belief is…

“A business is supposed to be the Benefactor that allows you to have a GREAT life” – your business is not supposed to be your life.”

But until I learned the secret I’m going to share with you, my business WAS my life….

In fact, you’ll work LESS

Over the years, I ended up formulating a step-by-step system that I’ve followed, and now many others are following, that can create MASSIVE success in your business and do so without having to work any harder.  In fact, you’ll work LESS. Today, I’m going to share it with you and save you both the hassles and years of effort it took me to hone this system into perfection… so KEEP READING…

Remember, despite the fact that I’m now a Barron’s Top 100 producer – I’ve been featured on CNBC and Fox News  –  I’m considered an “expert” in Practice Management – I’ve won the Investment News Best Practice Award the last two years in a row – I’m really no different than you.

I struggled terribly for the first 7 years in this business.  I literally worked 7 days a week for 7 years without taking as much as a day off.  I never took a vacation for the first 7 years!

It was crazy!

And truthfully, I was ready to give up.  I thought it would be much easier to go to work for somebody else.  But fortunately, I got lucky – I hung in there and then managed to figure out a really simple, step-by-step Formula that anyone can use to see massive results when it comes to creating an amazing business that runs and grows itself.

This isn’t just the formula I teach to other folks just like you – it’s the system I used myself to grow my business into a Top 1% firm that runs like a well-oiled machine.

And now, you can experience this same success for yourself, using this proven formula for faster, more effective lasting results!

I MUST warn you

I’m going to reveal the entire System within this presentation, so keep reading, but before I do: I feel I MUST warn you about the REAL problem you face today…

The real problem is the invisible industry trap that impeded progress for me during those first 7 years ….and it’s likely why you haven’t been able to take your business to the next level. It’s this trap that is keeping you from achieving your ultimate success.  Let’s face it, up to this point, what has likely been holding you back is really not your fault; although, after you see this, you’ll know it’s your responsibility to take action…

The real problem that no one is talking about…

…is the fact that the financial services industry is just not set up to train you on the one thing you need to know – how to be a business owner!

You’ve been taught how to be a sales person or a “producer” – you’ve learned how to sell stuff.  You have product knowledge and you’ve built a “practice” but it is likely you really haven’t built a business.

Here’s the first key

And here’s the first key – write this down:

A business is not a business if it depends upon you showing up!

Instead if you’re operating like I was, every sale depends upon you. That’s not a business – it’s a sales job.  Even if you’ve gone independent, if you have to be in the meetings and/or make all of the product sales, you don’t have a business; you just have a job with a really nice boss – YOU!

Many folks believe you have to work harder to achieve top producer status.  Maybe you’re one of those people, just like I was.  However, you know something?

That’s just not true.  Just know this: countless other advisors have fallen victim to the belief that they have to work harder, prospect more and meet with more and more clients to reach top producer status. Yet I encourage you to set that thought aside right now.

It’s not about working harder; it’s not about meeting with more clients. It’s about something that is much easier than that.

It’s likely you may be blaming yourself for reaching a point of production that’s good but not great.  For whatever reason, you just can’t seem to take your business to the next level.

But if you think about it – it’s not your fault.  Most of us didn’t go to Harvard Business School; we don’t have MBA’s and even if we do it’s a bunch of book knowledge that has virtually no application to our financial services business.  But even if we did have all that knowledge, there’s a good chance we would have gone to work for someone else and not tried to forge our own path in the financial services business.

We were sent out into the field to sink or swim

Instead, we entered the financial services profession, we passed our licensing exams, we were given just a few weeks of formal training, and then we were sent out into the field to sink or swim.

In addition, most of us started out as what my business coach, Dan Sullivan calls “Rugged Individualists” – people who are likely not suited to enter a structured pathway, like we see with our friends who have become CPA’s or attorneys.  They generally have a career path to follow; they start out as associates and end up as partners.

Not us…we start out as ‘Rugged Individualists’ and with a small amount of training, somehow think we are going to learn to be business owners by osmosis?

Really?  The idea of that is preposterous!

There are 5 key things

The truth is after decades in the trenches, I discovered there are 5 key things you have to do to build a seven figure firm that runs without your day to day involvement and gives you the personal freedom and financial wealth you deserve.

Just imagine what your life will look like when you have a business that runs without you and you’re on a trip somewhere getting re-charged and never even having to check e-mails!  AND your clients are being served in a Ritz Carlton manner giving them a client experience they rave about.

Grab your paper and copy the below steps now – these are the exact 5 keys I used to take my business to the next level and create a business that runs without my day to day involvement.

You may think these steps look simple but trust me, it took me years to perfect.

  • Prospecting and Marketing – You must build a multi-faceted consistent and repeatable marketing strategy to consistently attract clients in your target market.
  • Branding – You must create new, unique tools and presentations that completely differentiate you from the ho-hum (home office) marketing materials used by 95% of advisors.
  • Build Your Team – you cannot grow a business by yourself. You must build a team by hiring people who do not have your same skill set but have opposite or complementary talents to offset your weaknesses.
  • You have to create systems and processes so your staff can run your business in a manner that every client has a Ritz Carlton-type experience with your firm.
  • You must understand the psychology of your audience – You have learn and master the nuances of selling to men, women and couples; mastering this skill can catapult your closing ratio

If you just took these 5 keys and implemented these concepts in your business, it would make a huge difference in your business!

I want you to understand how this played out.  After 7 years of struggling, and being on the brink of walking away from this industry, I decided to try business coaching.  In the first three years, I went home each quarter with a step by step blueprint for the activities and tasks I needed to for the next 90 days.

Interestingly enough I was building a house at the same time so I was working off a blueprint for my house as well. After my first three years of coaching, we were encouraged to share our results with a random partner in class.  My partner happened to be a guy named Paul.

And that’s when my life changed!

Standing up in class, I told Paul my 3 year results.  I was so happy with my progress because my production had gone from about $300,000 to $400,000 over the three year period.  What’s not to like about that?

Paul stood up and gave me his results.  Like me, he had started out with production of $300,000!  And as you can imagine, I’m thinking – “Great…he’s just like me!  We’re just the same.

And then the proverbial cold bucket of water was poured over my head.  Paul told me after the same three years, he was on target to do $3 MILLION in production and he wasn’t meeting with clients anymore!

As you can imagine, standing there with my mouth open wide, I said: “WHAT?”  It was like I had been living on a different planet for the past 3 years or I had been standing at the train station but somehow missed the train.

10X’d his business in 3 years

Considering it was the end of the three year program, I wasn’t sure I’d ever see Paul again.  I asked (actually I begged) Paul to see if I could come spend a few hours with him to understand how in the world he had 10X’d his business in 3 years.   Wouldn’t you want to know how he did this?  I know I certainly was more than a little curious.

Paul was very gracious and within a month, I was on my way to his office in Virginia.  Not only did he give me a few hours, he gave me the entire day and gave me the missing link I had been searching for and desperately needed to take my business to the next level.  It turns out the missing link was so simple – yet I had missed it because I had been caught in the invisible snare of the “system.”  Once I understood this missing link, it was like a big light bulb went on!


It turned out the missing link was…the psychology of thinking like a business owner instead of thinking like a sales person.

To help me understand, Paul graciously gave me a few examples that hit home because I had been so wrapped up in the “group think” of the average advisor. One example he gave me was that of a dentist.

He asked me: “Erin, when was the last time your dentist cleaned your teeth?  Dentists don’t clean teeth; they hire staff members to do the work that does not require the skill set of the dentist.”

Unfortunately, I was cleaning a lot of teeth at the time, meaning I was doing all of the work of the business.  I was running myself ragged, meeting with clients, doing reviews, preparing financial plans, sometimes even scheduling appointments and handling servicing issues.

It was crazy; no wonder I couldn’t get ahead…I was doing the word OF the business and wasn’t working ON the business.  Paul stressed that the clients needed to be served but perhaps they didn’t need to be served by ME!

This was a profound, “aha” moment for me. All this time – now 10 years being in the business; no wonder I felt like a hamster on a wheel. I was doing the same thing over and over again and somehow I expected to get different results.

Can you relate to any of this?

So I went back to my office and combined the five keys I mentioned above with the psychological tools Paul shared with me.

Sure enough, the combination worked! 

I too catapulted my business by 10X in a few short years and my Seven Figure Firm was born.

It has obviously evolved and been perfected numerous times over the past 17 years; not only has this system worked to create a multi-million dollar firm that grows and runs itself for me but it has also worked for other advisors who have learned these secrets from me.

Armed with what we covered today, I hope you can see it is possible to build the business of your dreams – one that serves clients well and creates an unbelievable lifestyle for yourself.  Knowing how to do this could be a game changer for you, your staff and your family.  So as I see it…

You have 2 choices:

You can take the tips I have given you today and try to put the puzzle pieces together on your own – and who knows, you may do just fine; but it will probably take you longer and be more painful than it has to be.

Or, you can opt for a more efficient use of your time and money and model someone else who has already done it, just as I did with Paul.

In my humble opinion, there’s really no good reason why anyone would want to reinvent the wheel.  After all, isn’t this business hard enough?  I’ve already done all of the work for you – decades of research and perfecting the system – Why even consider starting from scratch?

I’ve created a program where we show you the EXACT steps I’ve used to become a Barron’s Top 100 Advisor.  It’s a repeatable system that has been perfected and tested for years….

You can take the tips I have given you today and try to put the puzzle pieces together on your own – and who knows, you may do just fine; but it will probably take you longer and be more painful than it has to be.

Or, you can opt for a more efficient use of your time and money and model someone else who has already done it, just as I did with Paul.

In my humble opinion, there’s really no good reason why anyone would want to reinvent the wheel.  After all, isn’t this business hard enough?  I’ve already done all of the work for you – decades of research and perfecting the system – Why even consider starting from scratch?

I’ve created a program where we show you the EXACT steps I’ve used to become a Barron’s Top 100 Advisor.  It’s a repeatable system that has been perfected and tested for years…

This one-of-a-kind program is called:

“Spend the Day – Keys to Building the Business of Your Dreams”

Hello, I’m Erin Botsford, Founder and CEO of Botsford Financial Group, and I’m the woman behind the Spend the Day program.

It is a one-day intensive training program where you get to spend the entire day with a Barron’s Top 100 team. During this day, you will be taught how to incorporate the 5 Keys to transform your business into a 7 figure firm and beyond.  Unlike any other program, during this day you will learn the psychology I learned from Paul as to how to think and act like a business owner, instead of an advisor.

We will essentially roll back the curtain to show you all of the hidden, behind the scenes steps that go into delivering a Ritz Carlton experience for your clients and a great lifestyle for you.

What other Top 100 team is willing to pull back the curtain and show you everything that happens behind the scenes?

You may think you’ve seen and tried everything.  Certainly you have put in your own efforts; you may have even hired coaches or consultants. Hopefully you’ve been given advice from your home office or wholesalers, (all of which is good, by the way).  But unfortunately, it has likely not been enough.  If it were…

You’d already be as successful as you had set out to be

But to be perfectly clear, I have to tell you what “Spend the Day” is NOT.  It is not a long-term coaching program.  It is not a solicitation for a future consulting gig. It is not a magic bullet because it does require effort to replicate the systems I have built.

Rather, “Spend the Day” is the direct result of over 28 years of trial and error and years of digging through the trenches to find out what REALLY works….And, from the moment you leave my office, you will have all the tools necessary to replicate my success!

Spend the Day” isn’t pie-in-the-sky fantasy land nonsense – it’s the real deal, and it’s only for advisors who are really serious about growing their businesses and creating a great life for themselves.  I’ve made the system as user friendly as humanly possible. I know building a successful business that grows and runs itself is not easy – nothing worthwhile is – but having all the templates we use should certainly make it easier.

What happens at “Spend the Day”

Let’s take a look at what happens at “Spend the Day.” For instance, in the first hour, you get a tour of the office and meet our Barron’s Top 100 team.  Each team member gives you a briefing on their role in the firm.  Advisors love this because whether you are hiring your first person or your 18th like me, it will give great insight as to how to create leverage in your business.

Then there’s the detailed training on the 5 Keys, which I personally present. I teach you how to implement the 5 Keys in your business, regardless at the point from which you are starting.

During another module, my business partner, the President of our company, gives you a detailed briefing on how we recruit, evaluate, hire and train our team members.  She goes over the exact tools we use to decide whether a candidate will be a good fit for our business. Discovering these tools alone was a game changer for our business success.

At the end of the day, we go over our “Advisor in a Box” so you have the same templates we use in our business every day.  And just think – this is only part of the day!

Replicate my success

As you can imagine, I’ve created Spend the Day to be the most efficient use of your time so that you can go back and replicate my success in as fast a time-frame as humanly possible.

Truthfully I’ve been told I am not charging enough for my Spend the Day Program.  After all, you get copies of all of my legal agreements and those alone cost me more than $30,000.

As soon as you reserve your spot at our training program, the first gift you’ll be receiving from me is my new book Seven Figure Firm

This will be your pre-training material that will give you the overview.  The digital e-book is normally $29.95 … But will be yours FREE today!

You’re probably wondering why I’m doing this.  You’re probably asking yourself, why would a Barron’s Top 100 Advisor take the time and put in the effort to share her ideas, her systems, processes and tools to help other producers who are in effect, her competitors?

After all, I could be lying on a beach or spending time with my grandchildren.  It’s a legitimate question and one I feel needs to be answered. I want you to know why I’m offering you this training opportunity today.

It’s all because some orphans in Africa stole my heart. After a trip to Africa in 2009, my husband and I decided to start funding an orphanage in Zambia, a country that has 1.4 million orphans. It’s called Ebenezer Child Care Trust.  www.ebenezerfoundation.org.

This particular orphanage houses 85 orphans but also provides education for over 500 more children, with thousands on the waiting list.  In addition, they have a 40 acre farm that provides food for the orphanage and all of the families of the school children.

This cause has become the purpose behind much of what I do, including sharing my decades of knowledge to help financial advisors like you.  If I can help advisors like you become as successful as me, my hope is that you will have the bandwidth and financial resources to give back to the causes that are important to you.

Then it’s a win-win for everyone!

This means I can’t let finances stand in YOUR way today… I wanted to make it affordable so I could help as many advisors as possible and feed as many kids as possible.

As such, you will not be paying what I did, which was $30,000 just for the legal agreements; not to mention the value of learning from a Barron’s Top 100 team. It’s not even going to be HALF that price…

Despite the feedback from prior attendees, today it’s not even going to cost $5000! Your total investment today, including 8 hours of live training, all your questions answered by any of my staff members and/or myself, your “Advisor in a Box” binder with all the Modules to take back to the office, PLUS my e-book is…

NOW Only: $2995

I want you to know this is a small-group boardroom style training and seating is very limited; we like to maintain an open platform with plenty of interaction. Don’t miss out.

Look below this letter and video right now: Click on the dark blue button below to secure YOUR spot before someone else claims it…

Where you’ll enter your personal and card information

Once you’ve made full payment or reserved your seat with our down payment option, you’ll receive an e-mail with the confirmation and e-book…Then, my office manager will send you details on making your travel arrangements to our office.

Finally, you’ll receive more details by email as the event gets closer. It’s That Simple!

Just Remember: Life is short, and if you’ve been struggling to figure out how to take your business to the next level…..And if you’ve finally realized doing the same thing over and over again will get you the same results and you’re in enough pain to be open to change…

Then, by simply choosing to take action today and enrolling in the next “Spend the Day” event, I can assure you your life will be forever changed.

Imagine, right now, how it will feel when you have a complete template for your business and answers to all of the questions you’ve ever asked yourself.

Imagine how it will feel the moment you KNOW you’ve finally found the keys to increasing production while actually working less.

Picture yourself bursting with pride and confidence…Full of hope and optimism…Imagine you are living the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of and enjoying every second of it…finally experiencing the freedom you deserve – at long last!

Now remember: unless you act TODAY, “tomorrow” may never come…You may do what so many others do and put it off… you know, for “a few more days?”…which turns into months… even years?

It’s no longer even a question of ‘want’ – you NEED “Spend the Day” and now you just have to take action before someone else takes your spot…

Thanks for your time today and I can’t wait to see you at our next “Spend the Day” training event and help you achieve Seven-Figures and beyond.

Warm Regards,

Erin Botsford, Founder