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Six Keys to Becoming Influential

How many times have you found yourself opposed to a certain situation?

Maybe it was something small like a change at your child’s school PTA or an ordinance in your city.

But you refrained from acting on your opposition or voicing your opinions because you felt you weren’t important enough to enact a response?


The Misconception of Influential Behavior

I know that in the past I bit my tongue many times because I felt that I wasn’t influential enough to bring the change I wanted.

I grossly misunderstood the nature of influence, as many people do today.

There’s a misconception out there: to be influential you must have more reach, a higher education, more experience, the right connections, etc. Really these are non-essential to how we influence others.

If you really want to become a better leader, a great communicator, and all around more influential, it boils down to having a strong foundation.

This is something everyone is capable of achieving. Making a few simple, conscience changes to your behavior can prove to be huge for you.


How Can You Become More Influential?

1. Be present

In order for others to be influenced by you, they must know and trust you. Earn their trust by showing up for them.


2. Believe in yourself

Nobody will listen to what you’re saying if you don’t have confidence. When you trust your instincts and exude confidence, others will naturally be drawn to you.


3. Be respectful

Treating others with respect is just generally a good human practice. Actions speak louder than words. When you show that you value others, people will return the favor.


4. Be consistent

If your beliefs and behaviors are not aligned, how can people look to you as a guide?

You don’t have to be perfect; every person is capable of wrongdoing and improvement. But there must be integrity between our words and our actions.


5. Be empathetic

When you listen openly and without judgment, people are going to feel more relaxed. Additionally, it is always beneficial to be able to view a situation from a different perspective.


6. Be helpful

Look for opportunities to help others, even when there’s nothing in return for you.

Being proactive and attentive will go a long way in solidifying your foundation as a true influencer while developing lasting relationships with others.


Each of these behaviors are easy to put into practice and won’t require much work. All it takes is for you to make the conscious decision to start living your life this way, and you will see your influence grow!

Being an influential person is a matter of character. The more positive traits you exhibit, the more likely you are to be considered influential by others. Once you get your foundation in place, the rest will come together naturally.


I’m Here to Help!

If you’re ready to take the plunge and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of—let’s talk! I’ll be your guide to setting the foundation for the life you want.


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Six Keys to Becoming Influential
Have you ever felt like you weren’t important enough to be an influential person? See my easy keys to becoming an influencer.

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