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Seven Questions You Should Be Asking

We’ve talked about the importance of strong communication skills as well as the value of clients and prospects perceiving you as a good listener.

To assure you’re really getting to know your clients, you must be sure to ask the right questions.

There are tons of financial advisors trying to connect with prospects, but what sets you apart? You must find the balance between knowing what your clients want and what is going to help them achieve it.

Creating a comprehensive wealth-building and financial management plan requires many qualities: maturity in decisions, long-term vision, and motivation to name a few.

Check out my top 7 questions to ask to get your clients talking and see the big picture on their financial and personal aspirations.


The Right Questions for the Right Dialogue

1. Why did you choose me?

This is an excellent question because you will instantly gain insight into how others view you.

Their reasons for choosing you will help establish what they expect from you and can be useful if you’re trying to alter the image you project to prospects.


2. What is your current household income?

You may want to ask this question after a few others so that the client has “warmed up” and is ready to share more personal info.

Ask them about their household income and monthly expenses and if they expect it to change in the near future.

Having a clear idea about the income stream and investment strategy will allow you to mold the best financial plan for them.


3. What are you saving for?

When goals are clearly defined it will be much easier for you to suggest a financial plan.


4. What are the top reasons you would leave? 

This will instantly give you an idea of your client’s expectations as well as boundaries you should adhere to.

They may disclose why they’ve fired financial advisors in the past or give some reason into why a financial plan failed them before.


5. Apart from money, what is important to you?

Yes, we are dealing with money, but we are also dealing with people’s dreams, goals, and sense of purpose.

You’ll want to get a feel for what clients believe to be their calling or sense of higher purpose. Understanding this will allow you to align your planning with those values.


6. What are your most pressing financial concerns?

The answer to this question will be your primary focus. There’s no reason you should guess what is bothering them. So, be upfront and get all the details.


7. Do you tend to be an optimist or pessimist?

You’re going to want an idea of how your client reacts to life events.

Optimists tend to take more risks while pessimists like to play it safer, but may miss out on certain opportunities. Knowing their mindset can help you tweak your plan as necessary.

I’ve found that these questions can identify clients’ values as well as if the client will be a good fit for you. Asking the right questions will save everybody time.


Have you been asking these questions? Would you add anything else to this list? Leave a comment and let us know!


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Seven Questions You Should Be Asking
When meeting with prospects or new clients there are some essential questions that will give you the insight you need to establish a solid relationship.

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