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Relieve Daily Stress

Relieve Daily Stress with 5 Simple Solutions

Do you catch yourself talking about how stressed you are too often?

Or notice a co-worker who looks like they may jump out of their seat if they have another cup of Joe?

It’s no wonder that various studies show that 80% of American workers feel stress from the jobs and 40% say that their job is extremely stressful.

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed because of work or external pressures, it is essential that you implement some practices to help reduce your stress.


What Can Stress Do To Us?

Even the slightest presence of stress can manifest into physical forms that will lead to poor health as well as poor work performance. Some common side effects of stress include:

  • Dizziness, headaches, and irritability
  • Increased heart rate, stroke, and heart disease
  • Weight gain
  • Muscle tension
  • Insomnia, poor immune system health, and even paranoia among many other things.

While these examples just scratch the surface of the physical effects of stress, they surely demonstrate the seriousness of dealing with your stress in the proper way.

Have you had problems with any of these side effects before?

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to address your stress—there’s no one size fits all routine; so see what works best for you.


Handling Your Stress

1. Develop routines — and stick to them

When you run your own business, daily life can be full of the unpredictable.

That’s why having some normalcy and daily habits can be so refreshing.

You don’t have to be rigid with your routine, but try to settle on something you do frequently. Maybe that’s reading before bed or listening to your favorite podcast when you wake up. Find what works for you.


2. Declutter

This goes for any space in your life that is causing you tension — your desk, inbox, purse, etc.

Take some time to organize these places and establish small daily or weekly upkeep that will help you maintain order in these areas.


3. Find your purpose

You don’t have to have your entire life’s purpose discovered or planned right now. But identify meaningful aspects of your life and commit to purposefully doing whatever it is you choose.

Giving each activity your undivided attention ensures you’re in the moment and fully living that experience.


4. Plan

Treat your extracurricular activities as important as business meetings. If you have a 7pm yoga class, write it down in your schedule!

Whatever it is, exercising or hobbies, give yourself the freedom to enjoy it and resist planning work related things in those time slots.


5. Automate

With today’s technology there are hundreds if not thousands of resources that were made simply to enhance and simplify our businesses.  

Do some research and see what software makes sense for your organization and your budget. This could be scheduling software or any number of platforms that can solve any business problem.


Alternative Options

If you are looking for some ways to manage smaller, daily stresses try these out:

  • Yoga and meditation (there are hundreds of apps and YouTube channels)
  • Be kind to your body with the right food and plenty of exercise
  • Take a nap
  • Treat yourself to little gifts, maybe a special dinner or tickets to a concert
  • Go for a walk

What are some of your daily stresses and how do you handle them? I want to hear about your experiences!


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Relieve Daily Stress with 5 Simple Solutions
Jam packed schedules and a running list of responsibilities undoubtedly lead to stress. Learn how to manage your daily stress with these simple steps.

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