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A Quick Guide to Thinking Like a Client

Try a bit of role reversal and put yourself in your client’s shoes with these three simple steps.

1. Manage Information

Ideally, your client tells you everything you need to know: personal information, finances, goals and aspirations. It’s a lot of information to share, not to mention the documents and paperwork they need to complete, for you to get your job done.

Facilitate the process as smoothly as you can by offering digital documents, sending reminders, following up and keeping all their documents organized.

2. Relationship > Fees

Lead with a person-first mentality. Your clients invest a lot of their money and time into you — are you making it worth their while? Take time to establish a solid relationship, listen to their needs, always be honest and put their goals before your own.

3. Always Follow Up

You’ve been hired for a reason; clients don’t have the time or desire to manage their finances and investments. Even with the best intentions, clients are bound to forget something: a document they need to sign and send back, unreplied emails, meetings to be scheduled, etc. Stay on top of things and follow up to get things done. They’ll thank you for it.

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Article Name
A Quick Guide to Thinking Like a Client
In this short guide, advisors will put themselves in their clients shoes and learn how to offer an even more excellent service.

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