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10 Prospecting Methods That Really Work

Just like any part of the sales process, you have to put in your due diligence when it comes to the prospecting process.

For many salespeople, it’s the most dreaded phases of the sales lifecycle, perhaps because they’re relying solely on standard, unimaginative methods.

Consider our 10 Prospecting Methods That Really Work, so you can make the sale and achieve the lifestyle you want.

1. Warm Calls

At times, cold calls are necessary, but a “warm” call offers greater opportunity for success. Familiarize yourself with a prospect before making contact and vice-versa.

A prospect will be much more receptive to your pitch or offer if they feel some familiarity with you and your organization. A couple of ways to move from cold to “warm” territory:

  • Get introduced by a mutual friend/colleague.
  • Interact with their content on LinkedIn or other social media profiles.
  • Do research on their career background and identify any viable connections or common ground.

2. Establish Your Credibility

Stand out in your industry by establishing yourself as a thought leader. Be visible in your market, not just by the business you do, but by the credibility you embody.

Credibility leads to higher trust among clients and prospects. Here’s how you can establish credibility:

  • Write a book on your business/industry/area of expertise.
  • Start a blog or contribute guest posts to others’ blogs.
  • Take on speaking engagements.
  • Hold a workshop/seminar.
  • Speak on a podcast or radio show.

3. Support Your Clients (Even After A Sale)

Always identify how you can bring value to your clients, before AND after the sale. Shifting your perspective from salesperson to client resource will profoundly change how your clients perceive you.

If you are their go-to resource for information and support, they’ll remember you and be more likely to send referrals your way.

Also, your clients will be more likely to speak on your behalf to a potential client and help you close a sale.

Remember, the sales process doesn’t end once you’ve made a sale — the real work comes in maintaining and further building the relationship.

4. Standardize Your “Script”

Creating a standard sales pitch or “script” will eliminate unnecessary filler words, pauses and gaps when making initial contact with a prospect.

You have experience working with clients and know what information they need, as well as what questions they might ask in the beginnings of a relationship.

Formulate your pitch based on this knowledge and nail down the perfect “script.”

5. Then Personalize It

Your “script” is your initial template, but it shouldn’t be rattled off verbatim to each new client. Doing so will come across as robotic, cold and highly impersonal.

Assuming you’ve done your research and know at least the basics about your prospect, tweak and personalize your pitch to reflect their specific needs and pain points.

Listen to your prospects and adjust your “script,” as necessary.

6. Focus on the Relationship, Not Sale

You’ve heard it before: people do business with those they know, like and trust. Knowing, liking and trusting someone is the foundation of a relationship.

For that reason, a great salesperson knows to focus on building a meaningful relationship with a prospect, not just making the sale.

This ties into point # 5 — always personalize your approach, adapt to your prospect and listen, then react to their needs.

7. Adapt Your Approach

Even if you have a tried and true sales approach, be open to change. Adapting your approach can welcome a whole host of new opportunities, markets and clients.

You might be missing out on entire client segment, simply because you’re not willing to switch up your approach. Look at what competitors are doing successfully and incorporate new techniques into your routine.

8. Avoid Your Comfort Zone

Never settle for good enough. There is always room for growth. An average salesperson hits a plateau at some point and becomes content.

A great, entrepreneurial salesperson knows their potential is boundless. If you catch yourself continuously calling on favorite clients, sticking to a monotonous routine, reassess your goals and up the ante.

9. Study Your Losses

Look at your last 5-10 prospects that fell through. What went wrong? Study each scenario closely: did you lose to a competitor; do you know the reason you lost the sale? If not, find out what happened and a number of things can happen:

  • You’ll improve your sales process.
  • You might “resurrect” the sale.
  • You will learn something new.

10. Host a Webinar

Hosting a webinar is an amazing way to broaden your market — all from the comfort of your home or office. Physical travel is no longer necessary to reach new, prospective clients.

The best part is, once you’ve hosted a webinar, it’s on the web for good. It can easily be shared and spread among clients, contacts and prospects. You can leverage your webinar via social media, email campaigns or blog.

Make your webinars a routine thing, thus increasing your apparent credibility and commitment to your clients. Remember, you are a resource; a value creator.

Use these prospecting methods to generate more business and create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

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10 Prospecting Methods That Really Work
Just like any part of the sales process, you have to put in your due diligence when it comes to the prospecting process. Consider our tips.

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