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Being Productive Even When You Don’t Want To

We all have things we don’t like doing.

We’ve run through our to-do list and end up at the last few items that we’ve been pushing off for far too long.

I know that when I started my business all of the things that I thought would be the most challenging (getting clients, making contacts, etc.) came quite naturally.

And the tough stuff was more linked to my motivation to do all the work I had been seeking.


Why Do We Put Things Off?

Maybe it’s a deadline that is getting too close for comfort or a client call you should have returned yesterday.

Whatever the case, there are tons of situations and reasons we stick ourselves in; when instead we should be working in overdrive.

Luckily for you, I’ve put together some of my lessons learned from over the years, so that hopefully you don’t run into the same problems I had.

If you’ve found yourself stuck in a rut when it comes time to get things done, read on for some stellar tips on pushing yourself, even when you don’t want to.


Ideas to Combat the Reasons We Procrastinate

Perhaps one of life’s greatest mysteries, why do we put important things on the back-burner; even when we have all the resources to successfully complete the task now? These are a few reasons, but also some solutions.


We’re Afraid

Especially when it’s a big project, it’s common to worry that you will somehow mess it up. In order to push our fear aside, we need to look at every project with a positive spin.

For example, try not to think “if I don’t call my client back they’ll fire me.” Instead, adopt the attitude of “if I make this client call now my client will be pleased and likely refer me to a friend.”

When you have something to work towards and it seems tangible, you’re more likely to push yourself to do it.


You Don’t Feel Like It

How many times have you thought this to yourself:

Waking up early for that 6am spinning class — I don’t feel like it. Staying at the office late to finish one more report — I don’t feel like it.

There are tons of things we don’t feel like doing, but nothing is stopping us. These are the moments when we must use our internal motivation to power through and get the job done.


Distraction (aka Self-sabotage)

You set aside an hour to respond to e-mails, but you keep getting messages from your group chat or notifications from Twitter.

Once you open that first text or click the first link, it’s too easy to get pulled into the Internet rabbit hole.

Stop sabotaging yourself by turning off or snoozing notifications during work hours.

Also, consider removing any bookmarks or tabs to social media sites on your computer. Removing the temptation will usually solve the problem.


So what’s your biggest vice when it comes to not wanting to do work?

How do you overcome it?

I want to hear your tips—leave a comment below!


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Being Productive Even When You Don't Want To
Sometimes motivating ourselves to do the smallest thing can be the hardest work. See my 3 top reasons we push things to the side and how to overcome them.

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