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Presentation Skills

Nurture Your Presentation Skills

Confidence and organization are the cornerstones of good presentation skills. Being able to give an effective presentation is not only essential for business leaders, but it can also enhance your personal development.

Being well presented in the workplace- in a presentation, in a meeting, during a discussion with a colleague or client- is essential. When you have strong presentation skills you are able to earn people’s attention and respect.

Although many people believe presentation skills are simply something you’re born with, especially those who fear public speaking, that’s just not the case. The good news is we are all capable of learning presentation skills!

Small Steps to Enhance Your Presenting Skills

1. Convert nervous energy to enthusiasm:

If giving presentations isn’t your favorite thing to do, practice transforming your nerves into enthusiasm. Your energy will become contagious to those listening to your presentation.

Take the time to find out what your body needs to get in this mindset—maybe it’s listening to upbeat music or having an energy drink.


2. Focus on the audience:

Your audience is there to learn something from you—they came because they wanted to and are excited!

When your priority becomes the audience you will focus more on delivering powerful content rather than on your own nerves or worries.


3. Be open to receiving and accepting criticism:

I’m talking about constructive criticism, of course! Take feedback and apply it to improving yourself and your presentation skills.

One way to get great feedback is to reach out to strong speakers that you respect and practice for them.


4. Always give the audience something to take home:

This doesn’t have to be an Oprah-style gift, but rather a specific action they can put into practice immediately after the presentation.


5. Don’t wait for questions:

If a hand pops up in the middle of your presentation- that’s awesome! It’s a sign that someone is listening.

Take the opportunity to address their question or comment right away. Great presentations feel like conversations, even if they’re one-sided. You never want to alienate your audience or do something that will disengage them.


6. Take advantage of “think time”:

The weeks and days before a presentation are essential. This is when you can really get a clear concept of what your aim is with your presentation.

This think time will allow you to consider your audience, their needs, and the value you can add to each.


Whether you’re presenting as a keynote speaker or to your team in the Monday morning meeting, knowing how to deliver a great presentation is beneficial in any business and situation.

Remember that this is a skill, not an innate ability, and it will require practice and nourishment. Take some time to practice every week and the next time you have to give a presentation you’ll feel more than prepared.

I Can Help

Let’s talk! I’ve been nurturing my skills for years and I’m here to help you as you develop your own in an effort to become a stronger financial advisor.

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Nurture Your Presentation Skills
Delivering a strong presentation is essential for any business leader. If you have faced problems with presentations in the past, see my tips for improvement.

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