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Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever!

I’m not going to lie; I had all the odds stacked against me when I started in the industry back in 1989. I could have followed the typical advisor track, like thousands of others, but instead, I set my own path.

In my book, Seven Figure Firm, I show you how to forge your own path to create YOUR unique value proposition.

In the foreword by Consuelo Mack, Anchor and Executive Producer of WealthTrack, Mack says, Erin is making a huge difference in many lives. Seven Figure Firm can help you do the same and live the life you’ve imagined.”

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I am probably the least likely person ever to have succeeded in the financial services business.

And yet I have. Beyond my wildest dreams.

I still recall one July day, many years ago when I sat down to meet with my new boss, who hired me for my first job as a stockbroker.

I had just spent three weeks training in the home office, and was now back in his office, ready to discuss the business plan to launch me into my new career. I had worked so hard to get the business plan just right and was excited to share it with him.

My boss sat back quietly and listened to my presentation.

When I was done, he said, “Honey, I have to give you a lot of credit. You have come up with an incredible business plan, probably better than most I have seen . . . But I have to tell you upfront—this is never going to work. You’re a sure recipe for disaster.”

I was almost too stunned to speak. I managed to compose myself enough to ask him why he assumed I would fail.

“Because you are young, you are a female, and this is the South. It’s never going to work,” he said.

He wasn’t trying to be mean. After all, he had hired me and was willing to give me a shot. He just couldn’t help thinking like the male chauvinist he was. He was very much a product of his times.

Granted, my boss was right about a few things: I was young. I was female. I was in the South.

And, I had a few other strikes against me too.

I had no connections. My husband was in the US Air Force—he was an F-15 fighter pilot—and because of the requirements of his training, we had moved seventeen times in the first fourteen years we were married. We had recently moved back to the United States, and I knew very few people in my community.

I didn’t come from money. My dad died when I was eleven, leaving my family destitute.

I am a mother. My son was only five years old when at the time, and he needed looking after when the school day was done.

But that man wasn’t right about me…

I told myself: failure is not an option.

There was NO way I was going to fail; that man’s words fueled a fire inside my belly.

Today, I am the founder and CEO of Botsford Financial Group, a boutique planning firm with offices in Dallas, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia.

I am a Barron’s Top 100 Independent Advisor and a Top 100 Women’s Financial Advisor.

I am known for a trademarked investment philosophy called Lifestyle Driven InvestingTM.

I am invited to give keynote addresses across the country.

I am sought after for my ability to teach, train, and motivate other producers. In fact, as a result of training the Top 25 Producers of a major insurance broker/dealer, their average production increased by more than 25% the following year.

I am convinced if someone like me can create this level of success in the financial services industry, you can do it too.

But it takes more than drive; and that is why I wrote this book. I want to share the systems, strategies, and mindset I used to propel my business to the top.

…..Continued in book

The book will be available in digital e-book or hardcover, so make this year your best ever!

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Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever!
In my book, Seven Figure Firm, I show you how to forge your own path to create YOUR unique value proposition. Still not sure if Seven Figure Firm is for you? Take a look.

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