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The Keys to Getting Your Point Across

When we talk to prospects, we have to remember that we are experts in our field addressing novices or people with no background at all in finances.

There’s always the possibility of confusing your listener. Human behavior has proven time and time again that people don’t buy what they can’t understand.

To avoid losing prospects because we confused them, the best practice is to clearly deliver our message. Being able to do so will be a huge asset to your professional life.

We write drafts of e-mails and speeches before we deliver them because we want to make sure we are giving the right information.

But when it comes to speaking with prospects, you should worry more about what you want the other person to hear rather than what you will say.


Keeping Ideas Simple and Messages Clear

1. Avoid technical words

You don’t want to throw around heavy finance terms that will either cause your listener to panic and Google a few things or completely turn them off from your services.

Be succinct and work on saying things in simpler terms.


2. Analogies are your friends

It’s your job to make the unfamiliar familiar. A simple analogy can be a great tool in connecting the dots of a complex subject for your listener.


3. Be prepared

Never wing it.

You should always have an idea of your main points and understand the material you’re going to explain. If you have doubts, it will be obvious and put you on a one-way road to losing credibility.


4. Identify one major takeaway

Before you engage in conversations with prospects, decide on one point that you want the listener to come away understanding.

Once you have established what you want your listener take away from your discussion, it will be easier to form a plan around that objective.


5. Personalize when needed

Focusing on the receiver can help you get your point across. Tailor your message to your audience to ensure their comprehension.

This will win you major brownie points when clients realize you take the extra time to make sure they understand.


Have you encountered problems stemming from ineffective communication?

Or do you feel that you have trouble getting your point across?


We want to know what your biggest problems are — leave a comment!

Implementing these 5 changes to your speech can greatly improve your message delivery, thus solidifying your skills as a speaker and teacher.


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The Keys to Getting Your Point Across
Getting your point across can be difficult—implement my 5 strategies for delivering your message clearly to make sure people understand what you’re saying.

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