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Why Keeping Commitments Makes You A Better Leader

I want you to imagine a person you know who you consider to have integrity.

What are the defining characteristics of this particular person?

Why did you choose them?

It’s likely that you imagined someone you feel you can count on to follow through on their promises.


Why Integrity Is So Important

Having integrity is integral to your success as a person and as a leader.

If you want to be viewed as someone with integrity then keeping commitments is essential. Often times today many leaders drop the ball when it comes to keeping promises.

Whether it’s pressure for a deadline, quota, or just general turmoil around the workplace, there are various reasons why leaders tend to break their promises.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to recognize how damaging a broken promise can be; every time you fall short on a commitment, you are essentially eroding the trust between you and your employees.

If you feel it is challenging to keep or remember commitments or you simply want to improve this area, then read on for my best tips:


Make Fewer, Better Commitments

Take the time to understand what it is you’re to which you are committing. Really consider if you can follow through on the promise or if there is another layer to this task.


Keep Track of Your Commitments

Maybe your problem is more along the lines of poor time management or organization.

Either way, both can lead you to forget your commitments. Turn to software or apps to track the commitments you’ve made.


Ask Others to Commit Too

You must expect the same from others. When they fall short on their commitments to you, its okay and necessary to voice your disappointment.

When you are clear about your intentions, you will see better execution all around.


Add New Commitments to Your Schedule (Immediately)

This goes along with keeping track of your commitments.

When we take on a commitment, we are essentially taking away from our free time. Be sure that you find a place for it in your schedule otherwise you may not realize if it is something you can fulfill or not.


Don’t Make Excuses

Push yourself a bit, work a little longer, sacrifice something else, persist, and persevere, despite what it costs you.

Both the external and internal cost of failing will be much higher. When you are able to come through for someone else, their respect for you will only increase.


When you keep your promises, whether it’s to a colleague, employee, or client, your credibility goes up. You will solidify yourself as a trustworthy person.

Being present and aware about all the decisions you make, especially in business, will be important to becoming a reliable person.

You want to ensure that you can and will come through on the promises you make.


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Why Keeping Commitments Makes You A Better Leader
To be considered a great leader you must be reliable. See how to best follow through on your commitments and why keeping them makes you a better leader.

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