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How to Inspire Your Clients to Invest in Themselves

Not all great investments are monetary. One of the best investments your clients can make is an investment in themselves.

Why should clients invest in themselves?

Nothing in life is promised. As great and comfortable as things are today, tomorrow isn’t promised.

Your client’s situation could change on a dime; illness, unemployment, a new baby on the way, car repairs, a market crash, etc. Relying 100% on financial capital isn’t always a safe bet; investing in human capital is an extra safety net should things go awry.

How can my clients invest in themselves?

Take a look at a few ways you can inspire your clients to start investing in themselves:

Learn something new.

Knowledge never goes out of style, and the best part is: there’s always something new to learn. Today’s technology is not the same as yesterday’s and will surely continue to evolve. The same goes for a number of different skills and abilities.

Signing up for a seminar, taking an online course, going back for another degree or simply picking up a book on an unfamiliar topic is energizing and practical. Encourage your clients to seek opportunities to expand their skillsets in big and small ways.

Learning something new will keep your clients marketable no matter what happens, so they can continue to achieve their financial goals.

Conduct a personal SWOT analysis.

Your clients may think they know themselves pretty well, but with time that awareness of strengths and weaknesses can diminish and change.

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The first two are self-explanatory; opportunities are essentially areas for growth, and threats are pain points or potential stumbling blocks.

A personal SWOT analysis can shed light on where your clients can enhance their skills and areas where they’d like to get stronger; it could also change their investment strategy and financial goals.

Prioritize health.

Why is it that personal health is always the first thing to go when we’re under pressure? It’s kind of ironic when you think about it because when someone is in poor health, they’re unable to give their full energy and potential to any situation.

Encourage your clients to prioritize their health — what good is all that money if it’s being spent towards medical bills and not fully enjoyed?

Advisors should also encourage their employees to prioritize their health and avoid pushing themselves to the point of burnout. (Read more: 7 Ways to Support Your Employees & Prevent Burnout)

Establish goals.

As an advisor, it’s your job to help your clients set financial goals, but personal goals are equally as important.

Goals are important not only to keep you on track but also to maintain awareness during the process. Goals prepare you for the future and give you direction beyond just the day-to-day.

Encourage your clients to set career, health, family and personal development goals, as just a few examples.

Take time off.

Vacations and time off are a GOOD thing. For some reason, never taking time off has been glorified in our society, but it’s anything but something to be proud of.

Travel and relaxation are great ways to take time off and gain something from the experience; catching up on sleep, seeing a new country, spending time with family, enjoying alone time, allowing the brain to decompress.

Aside from taking regular vacations, encourage your clients to seek greater work-life balance, so they’re not just barely getting by before the next vacation rolls around.

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How to Inspire Your Clients to Invest in Themselves
Not all great investments have to be monetary. In fact, one of the best investments your clients can make is an investment in themselves.

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