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How to Talk to Clients About Overspending

In our last post I talked about the four factors that lead to overspending. Today I want to tackle the best ways to approach conversations with clients who are indulgent in their spending.

We know that finances are generally a sensitive topic and can be especially difficult when addressing one’s own pitfalls. But that’s exactly why crafting a solid approach to this conversation is necessary.

As we are still very near the start of the year, this is an excellent opportunity for you to engage in a discussion with clients to let them reflect on their spending habits.

Each client will require a unique approach — just as their financial planning does. Take a look at my most effective ways to handle an overspending conversation.



Giving your clients a few scenarios with different options can be helpful for people who learn by example.

Go through different spending situations and the various options, discussing why one choice is better than the others. Laying everything out for your client in ways that they can truly grasp will show how much you care.


Discuss Their Fears

I’m not saying you should play psychologist here, but a lot of times people that spend too much often do so for the fear of “missing out.”

Maybe it’s the fear of not maintaining a certain lifestyle or the fear of losing a child’s love if they don’t invest in a business venture.

Whatever the reason may be you can help your clients confront the issues and maybe uncover a little more about their worries.


Crash Course in Finances

While many overspending habits are due to emotional tendencies, sometimes it can be traced to basic financial skills that were never taught.

Cover all the bases and give your client the tools they need to fully understand their financial situation. Cover even the most basic concepts.

By shedding a light on these areas, your client is going to be able to make real changes that benefit you both in the long run.


Challenge Them to Go Card-free

Some people learn or change habits best when they face a “challenge”. That’s why 30-day health challenges are so popular — people love to have a countdown.

If you see that your client is turning to their credit card too often, talk to them about instituting a month free of credit cards. This allows clients to pay off debts and gain some money consciousness.

Ultimately, if you neglect to confront your clients’ overspending you are doing them a disservice. An overspending discussion, while uncomfortable and often emotional, is necessary and best fitted for building a relationship.

Do you have experience in discussing overspending tendencies with clients? What challenges did you face? What did you find to be successful in getting your point across? I want to hear from you — leave a comment below!


Looking for More?

If you need help in tackling this difficult conversation I can help! Let’s talk and I’ll guide you in crafting the best game plan.


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How to Talk to Clients About Overspending
Talking to clients about their overspending is a sensitive area. See some of my tips for handling this situation with ease!

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