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Founding Member Offer Expired!!!

Special Limited ‘Founding Member’ Invitation
from Erin Botsford

Our Founding Membership Training is full.

Please look for our future program in 2019

To: Financial Advisors who want 2019 to be their BEST year ever!

After concluding a successful merger last year, I have made it my life’s mission to help financial advisors, just like YOU, grow their businesses exponentially in as short a time as possible. I want you to be able to model exactly what I did to create a top tier, Barron’s Top 100 firm.

I was considering retirement but there’s NO WAY I could just sit on the porch or by the pool every day. There’s only so much relaxing you can do.
So, I’ve spent the last year and a half digging up every single tip, strategy, shortcut, and tactic that worked for me (and more importantly what didn’t work) and put it all together in a unique comprehensive and condensed online e-training program I call the…

Elite Advisor Success System™

I’m just getting ready to release this program to the industry but before I do, I want you to consider being one of the handful (like 20) “Founding Members” of the full e-training system.

To a few select advisors, I am offering the opportunity to have access to ALL of my knowledge, anytime you need it, for a fraction of what others will pay and get started on it right now before the year ends.

Basically, to the first 20 who respond, I will give access to my entire success program and I will walk you through all the material together over the next 3 months. (January – March)

You will get all of the online courses and live Q&A webinars and in return, all I ask is that you provide me with your feedback. I will want to know what you liked, felt, learned and experienced from the information. My offer is that simple.

Here's What the System Entails

I’ve divided all of my knowledge into 5 online courses and have broken them down into easy-to-understand modules and simple-to-do lessons. These e-courses are designed to cover ALL aspects of your business from the importance of how to re-frame your thinking from advisor to business owner, to bringing in new prospects, to closing them to become clients, to training your assistant(s), to building a great team and running your firm using efficient systems and processes…everything!

It’s like having everything I have built at your fingertips.

Let me give you a short inside peak into what it includes (there’s no way I can cover it all here):

  1. Elite Advisor Mindset – How mastering your mindset will catapult you to the next level
    • How the C.A.N.I. concept is used to evolve your mindset and your business – Module 1
    • A critical ‘Current State of Your Business’ Quiz you must take ASAP – Module 2
    • How to know if your actions are congruent and aligned with your goals – Module 3
    • Use this one “End of Life” exercise to put everything in your life into proper perspective – Module 3
    • This one advisor tracking activity changed my business; now you’ll have it – Module 4
    • The exact 3 activities you need to do to give you the greatest results – Module 4
  2. Elite Advisor Prospecting & Marketing – 9 Ways to Bring in Clients in Less Time & Money
    • What 2 main psychological factors drive all decisions for your clients – Module 1
    • Why the ‘No Family, Friends & Neighbors Policy’ worked so well for me – Module 2
    • What early AM task brought in the most small-business clients – Module 2
    • What was the FASTEST way I built my firm and that you can still do today – Module 2
    • What are the “4 Imperatives” to running the best seminars that get results – Module 3
    • My Pre- and post-scripts, sample flyers and resources – Module 3
    • Plus 4 new Bonus pieces that I’ve never released before
  3. Elite Advisor “Secret Sauce” – Exactly what you need to do get more prospects to say “YES”
    • Determining your best target market and finding out their needs – Module 1
    • Don’t lead your talk with these 2 things…EVER – Module 1
    • What is the best seating arrangement that will boost your closing rates? – Module 2
    • What is the best way to use the prospects net worth in your sales talk? – Module 4
    • Why fee discussion done this way will literally “guarantee” all your product sales – Module 6
    • My actual sales scripts that sold hundreds of millions in $$ over 30 years!
    • Plus a Bonus video of my presentation; live and unscripted
  4. Elite Advisor Team Member Training – The Exact Blueprint to Achieve Rockstar Status
    • The #1 job role for an assistant or team member is to protect this for the advisor – Module 1
    • What are the exact tasks and duties of an “Admin” to help make the practice efficient – Module 1A
    • You can have 10 of my best email templates to use in your email correspondence – Module 1A
    • What the ‘10 Steps of our Process’ are and how these can help you too – Module 1A
    • How to train a team member to be the “perfect assistant” – Module 2
    • How to best take care of your ‘old-school’ clients – Module 4
    • Plus extra Bonus “Rules of the Road” training video
  5. Elite Advisor “Machine” – Create your dream team that will run your Systems & Processes for Flawless Execution
    • Who to hire first, second, and next on your dream team – Module 1
    • Which compensation models worked so well for our practice that you can model – Module 1
    • The job descriptions we used which brought us high quality candidates – Module 1
    • How we built our systems & processes manual by asking this 1 question – Module 3
    • This efficient method allowed me to train only one person in a firm of 18 – Module 3
    • The only way to build true enterprise value in your business is this way – Module 3
      And much, much more…

So, What Does Elite Advisor Success System™ Cost?

The Retail Value for this Course will start at $4995, but if you qualify to be a Founding member, you won’t be paying this. 

Instead for the first 20 who sign up, your investment will be just $997. 


  • Online membership access to the full video-based course work listed above – so you can watch and learn from me whenever and wherever you want (over 15 hours of unique recordings)
    • Value $2995
  • Online membership access to all the mp3 audio tracks for all the courses – so you can listen while driving in your car, commuting on the train or anytime you want to (hours of recordings)
    • Value $995
  • Online membership access to all the resources: worksheets, cheat sheets, templates, checklists, scripts, quizzes and exercises that I created for you – so you can apply my materials to your business now (dozens of ready-to-use resources)
    • Value $1995
  • Online membership access to all the written transcripts and all the Power Point slides – so you can print these out and read them at night or on your next airplane flight…that’s what I do
    • Value $995
  • Online “Member’s Only Forum” access – so you can chat with others in our elite community, get feedback from fellow advisors, meet accountability partners to share ideas and keep you on track and hear what they are doing
    • Value $495
  • Exclusive “Founding Member” (3) monthly live Q&A teleconference access – so you can get ALL your questions answered on a LIVE call-in by me – As you know, nobody gets me for an hour anymore (we’ll record these so if you can’t make it live – no worries)
    • Value $2995

Total market value $10,470 and many consultants told us that it’s worth every penny!

Here's What it Looks Like

a. Here is the Elite Advisor Log-in access page

b. Here is the Elite Advisor Homepage of e-courses

c. Here is how the system courses are laid out (Mindset)

d. Here is a typical lesson page with worksheets (Mindset Mod 3)

Here's How It Will Work

Here are the details:

  • If you qualify, you will receive the full online system at an 80% discount
  • For just one payment $997, I will provide you access to my 5 e-courses which contain everything I’ve used, learned, tested and proven over the past 30 years
  • This includes videos, audios, worksheets and resources to guide your success path
  • The Founding Member training program will be for a 3-month period (January – March 2019) where I will walk you through the 5 courses over the 12 weeks together
  • The schedule training agenda will be:
    • January 1-15 course #1 – The Elite Advisor Business Success Mindset
    • January 16-31 course #2 – The Elite Advisor Prospecting and Marketing Course
    • January Q&A webinar –Review Q&A from Courses 1 & 2
    • February 1-15 course #3 – My Secret Sauce Sales Closing and Salesmanship Course
    • February 16-28 course #4 – The Perfect Assistant and Team Member Training Course
    • February Q&A webinar – Review Q&A from Courses 3 & 4
    • March 1-15 course #5 – The Machine: Hiring Staff and Developing Systems and Processes
    • March 16-31 wrap up – Go over/Review ALL the Materials and Final Q&A
    • March Q&A webinar – Review Q&A from Course 5 and Anything else to Help you!
  • Afterwards, as a Founder, you will be ‘grandfathered’ into Unlimited 3-year Access
    • Note: All other future advisors will have 1-year access only with annual renewal options
  • During the program, you will have exclusive Founder’s monthly Q&A webinar/calls to go over all your questions and give you support and direction on the coursework
  • At the end of the 3-month period or before, I would ask that you provide a short testimonial of your experience (what you liked best, how it help you. Etc.)
  • Preferably a short video or audio recording (or at least a written one) that I may use in future promotions (and return to my assistant Mike at

I see this as a huge win-win for both of us and would like you to be part of this new release if you qualify below.

Here's How You Qualify

This accelerated elite advisor training Founder’s Membership isn’t for everyone. This program is by invitation-only and limited to those I know and those who have already showed interest in my knowledge. Here’s the Founding Member requirements:

  • For advisors who truly desire to work towards rapid business growth in 2019
  • For advisors who will set time aside each week to do the coursework and exercises January through March, 2019
  • For advisors who commit to attend and participate in the monthly coaching Q&A calls (or listen to the replays)
  • For advisors who commit to providing a testimonial during or promptly after the 3- month time (By April 15, 2019)
  • For advisors who will track and share their business production and growth stats before January (2018) and after the program (including end of 2019 stats and 1 year after)

That’s it. If you meet accept these requirements, then you qualify to be one of my Founding Members.

So, if you’re ready to be an Elite Founding Member, please click here to get you started and be one of the first 20 and we’ll talk soon. I’m keeping this group small so you can get more access to me! Hurry…the registration deadline is December 21.

Our Founding Membership Training is full.

Please look for our future program in 2019

To your success,

Erin Botsford

P.S. I plan to close the Founding Member Class on Friday, December 21 at midnight so we can get the students ready for January 1st kickoff. So, I’ll need to know if you’re interested well before that day. I can’t wait to share this new program with you – it’s going to be a life changer!

P.S.S. You could be like…David G. who heard me speak ONE TIME and credits my business practice tips for growing his business from $200,000 to $2M or Dottie A. who implemented my ideas and exploded 58% in the first 4 months of this year or like Scott G. who closed an $8M case with one seating psychology tip!

You ready for my help? Click below now and join me!

Our Founding Membership Training is full.

Please look for our future program in 2019