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Avoid Burnout

Five Steps to Avoid Burnout

When I first got started in the industry and would hear other financial advisors talk about burnout, I thought, “That will never be me, this is my passion!”

I simply thought you couldn’t get burnt out on something you are genuinely passionate about. However, after more than a few years under my belt, I’m much more empathetic to the notion.

Personally, I’ve never hit the wall of burnout, but I have come close.

Burnout comes from lack of resources, overworking ourselves, and failing to take a much needed (and deserved) break.

Burnout can do much more than give you disdain for what you once felt passionate about; it can manifest physical ailments like fatigue, forgetfulness, and irritability.

If you have experienced – or want to avoid – burning yourself out of a career you love, then stick with me for some proven strategies to stay on track.


1. Recognize the Good

We’ve all been there — you’re feeling sad, so you listen to the saddest song you can think of.

When early signs of burnout start to creep into our lives, it’s easy to focus on all of the things going wrong at work. We may even force ourselves to ignore the positive moments.

However, small practices, like making a short list of 3 positive work-related things at the end of each day, can do a lot of good for your outlook.


2. Take Time for Yourself

Possibly the most crucial step in avoiding burnout is this.

For many years I wrongly assumed the person who lived at the office or took their work home was the most efficient or successful.

However, I now recognize the value of dividing my time and taking some time away from work.

Even on full days, whether it’s away from phone calls or meetings, you can take a few minutes to walk around outside and get some fresh air.

Try a class at the gym, engage in play time with your kids after dinner, or watch that new Netflix series before bed; just make time for it.


3. Change Your Mindset

When people say “strive for perfection,” they should be saying “strive for excellence.”

Not one single person on Earth is perfect, and we will never be. Whenever you remove the pressure of being something you cannot, you are tearing down the barriers that can prevent success.


4. Pat Yourself on the Back

There’s a difference between bragging and celebrating hard work.

Giving yourself credit when it is due is appropriate and can have a positive effect on your mindset.

Be sure to focus not only on the “big wins.” Remember, a lot of smaller tasks and successes go into achieving big goals.


5. Examine Your Business Model

If you feel burnt out because you are overworked, it’s time you realize that just because you’re the leader, you don’t have to be a part of every meeting, project, or even decision.

When you were building your practice you spent time handpicking quality employees — so give them appropriate responsibilities and learn to loosen the reigns a bit. Delegation is your friend!


What are some of your practices for avoiding burnout? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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Five Steps to Avoid Burnout
Sometimes passion alone can’t be the only motivation to do the work we love. Check out my 5 best tips for how to avoid burnout!

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