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The First Step to Success for Advisors

Without our clients, we have no business and to get clients, you must prospect and market.

While the two are different the objective is the same—identify your target market, find the potential customers in the market, create opportunities to attract them or interact, and finally engage in a way that makes them become clients.

Surpassing the barrier of transitioning potential customers to loyal clients is the most difficult part of any business. Mastering this aspect of business is often a great determinant in how successful your business will be.

I mention in my book, Seven Figure Firm, what a shock it is for new financial planners when they realize how much time they must spend prospecting and marketing to start doing the work they really want to do:

  • Helping people
  • Researching strategies
  • Stocks
  • Funds

What Are Prospecting & Marketing?

They are the first keys to success for any financial advisor, and if you can’t master this skill, then you should highly consider teaming up with someone who is good at it.

Prospecting is any activity that requires direct involvement, whether it’s by a member of my team or me. This includes attending functions, speaking, networking, etc. to search for prospective clients.

Marketing is anything you do to promote your company and its services. These are “campaigns” like e-mail blasts, marketing brochures, or leave behind items which don’t call for your immediate involvement as prospecting does.

Tried and True Methods to Live by

When it comes to prospecting it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle, check out some of my favorite classic prospecting techniques and see what piques your interest.

Tap the Referral Tree

If you don’t regularly contact your network for leads, then this could be a fruitful mission for you.

Don’t go in blindly though—have an idea of specific types of leads you’re looking for.

Host a Client Event

Holding an appreciation event with a strategic partner as a speaker can do wonders. Invite valuable clients and ask them to bring two friends who may be interested in the topic too.

Sponsor an Event or Charity

Building community ties is important, and you can show your commitment to the community while increasing visibility by getting involved.

Head Over to LinkedIn

Search for prospects with a similar background, maybe your alumni to the same school, volunteered at the same place, etc.

You can use info from LinkedIn profiles to break the ice when you make cold calls; just be sure to be upfront that you checked out their profile!

Growing with the Competition

On the other hand, marketing also plays an essential role in your business’ success. To keep up with growing competition remember these tips:

  1. Be concise
  2. Specialize
  3. Network

Growing your business and getting prospects to commit to becoming clients will require continuous evolution and a variety of approaches. Don’t be afraid to dive in and see what methods work for you!

Ready to Continue Evolving?

Reserve your spot for our January 2018 workshop! Or get in touch with us about any doubts or questions.


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The First Step to Success for Advisors
When it comes to the success of your business, marketing and prospecting are the cornerstones. See my tips on how to master both!

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