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Finance-Inspired Holiday Gift Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you know at least one or two people that are impossible to shop for. Either they have everything or nothing seems like the “right” gift.

So, this holiday season, why not do something a little different? Here are six quirky finance-inspired gifts.

Magazine Subscription or Finance Book

The finance world offers an endless stream of information and lessons, regardless of where you are in life or your financial situation.

A subscription to a popular money/finance magazine, such as Money Magazine, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal or Kiplinger is a unique gift that last year-round.

There are also plenty of finance books to choose from, just visit your local bookstore and you’ll be sure to stumble upon something. If you know a financial advisor, why not gift them my book, Seven Figure Firm: How to Build a Financial Services Business that Grows Itself?


For the person who has everything, a donation to a cause that is important to them is a perfect gift idea. It’s simple to donate on someone’s behalf, and you’ll both feel good about your contribution.

Cash for a Goal

Know someone who is saving up for a big purchase, a vacation or a fancy new gadget? Contribute to their goal!

Cash is a pretty impersonal gift, but when you attach it to a personal goal, it is more thoughtful. Plus, you’ll help them achieve something they’ve been working towards!

Open a Savings Account

This is a perfect gift idea for new parents or children — open a savings account! 529 accounts are a great way to start saving for college tuition.

Since there are two primary types of 529 accounts, you may want to do a little research to figure out which is the better option or involve the parents in the decision.

Pay a Bill

A practical gift can be more meaningful than a “just for fun” gift. Remember when you were a college student and your biggest worry was how you were going to pay for groceries and gas? A gas card or Walmart gift card could make that 20-something in your life extremely happy!

If your loved one is going through some hard times, offer to cover the cost of Christmas dinner, buy a Christmas tree or even cover a monthly utility bill. Every little bit counts.


Experiences are much better gifts than things for a number of reasons.

For starters, experiences can be shared and create memories, such as going to the movies as a family or visiting a theme park with your grandkids. Maybe you know a mom who could use a massage or a dad who would love to spend a day on the golf course.

If you know a financial planner, sponsor their seat at my workshop, Spend the Day. Better yet, go together and share the experience together.

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Finance-Inspired Holiday Gift Ideas
This holiday season, do something different and surprise your loved one with a quirky, unique finance-inspired gift.

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