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discovering your why

Discovering Your WHY

What does it mean to know your why? What is a why?

Your why is your purpose or the purpose of your business. Discovering your why has a major influence over several key factors:

  • Understanding how to connect, market and do business with your clients
  • Discovering how to link up your why with that of prospects or clients
  • Making strategic decisions aligned with your goals and ambitions

It’s easy to identify WHAT your business is or HOW you should go about it. Identifying WHY you do what you do is a bit more complex and takes more than a surface level definition.

The good news is, your why has always been there — defining it in more certain terms will help you remain focused and aligned to a clear path.

Ask yourself these questions to discover your WHY.

How Do You Define Success?

Defining your personal understanding of success is unique to you. It does not have to fit the criteria of another person, business or idea.

It is key YOU understand how you define success, to have an “end goal,” milestone or measure to aspire to.

Think of what makes you feel purposeful and fulfilled — identifying feelings of fulfillment and purpose is a strong starting point for defining success.

Another tip: don’t focus on purely material successes, such as money or things while tangible rewards may play a part, consider the feelings or emotions you correlate with success.

What Are Your Priorities in Life, Business and Relationships?

What is important to you? Think of priorities in all aspects of your life, as well as how some priorities may overlap.

Ask yourself what you love to do — do you love to travel; be at home with family; meet new people; thrive in the workplace, etc?

Refine your list to a core handful, then focus your actions on achieving and maintaining what is most important to you.

What Are Your Passionate About?

Your passion is different from your priorities for one core reason: priorities are often based on comfort and practicality, while passion is a matter of the heart.

Don’t confuse passion with talent. You may be extremely skilled at something, but not necessarily passionate about it. On the other hand, you may be highly passionate about a certain subject but struggle with execution.

Strive to find a happy meeting point between your passions and talents — that’s the sweet spot.

Continue to Ask WHY

Defining your why isn’t a one and done situation. Challenge yourself to reassess and potentially re-define your why on a regular basis — not just after a major milestone or live event.

It is inevitable your priorities will change — perhaps not drastically, but as your life, family, career and business evolve, so will your why.

For example, as a young person just getting started in their career, their biggest priority may be their career, and professional advancement — social and personal life takes a backseat.

As one gets older, priorities may begin to shift, as ideas of starting a family, marrying or “settling down” come to the forefront.

Small shifts are constantly occurring — it’s your job to notice them and figure out if your priorities and actions continue to line up with you why.

Always be open and receptive to change, it is an integral part of life. The most successful people in the world will tell you, adapting to and accepting change is a major key to lifelong fulfillment, personal growth and success.

Make this Year Your Best

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Article Name
Discovering Your WHY
It’s easy to identify WHAT your business is or HOW you should go about it. Identifying WHY you do what you do is a bit more complex and takes more than a surface level definition.

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