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Discovering your unique brand

Discovering Your Unique Brand

I don’t believe in blending in, following the crowd OR cut-throat, ruthless competition.

I believe if your brand is unique and individual to you, there’s plenty of success to go around.

Across the years, I’ve had countless financial advisors ask me the same question: “How do I stand out from the crowd?”

It’s a valid question. In an industry of thousands of highly-skilled professionals, how do you stand out from the crowd to attract and retain new clients?

It Starts with Positioning

Why you? What differentiates you in your market? Consider the following:

  • Your educational or professional background
  • Your client history
  • Unique talents or skills
  • Niche expertise or knowledge of a specific industry or market
  • Distinctive products or services, not otherwise offered in your industry
  • An uncommon solution to a common problem

Get clear on your positioning, so you can articulate exactly what it is you do differently. For a client to see themselves working with you, they have to believe you’re going to be the one to help them.

Ditch Your Fear

  • Fear of comparison.
  • Fear of inadequacy.
  • Fear of vulnerability.
  • Fear of failure.
  • Fear of success.

These, and many more are valid fears, yet ultimately they’re holding you back — what do you accomplish through fear? Nothing.

You have to boast a little, toot your own horn and be your biggest cheerleader if you want others to see the value in your brand. Ditch your fear and embrace the idea, you are exceptional.

Treat Your Clients Like Peers

Avoid taking on the “marketer” tone of voice and just have a conversation. Too many brands fail to connect with clients because their branding takes on a gimmicky, sell-y tone of voice, which can come across as highly impersonal and ungenuine.

Assuming you’re passionate and excited about your business, let it radiate through your tone of voice. Your personality is your greatest asset; it is the one thing no one can emulate.

You Can’t Reinvent Sliced Bread, but You Can Reslice It

Have you ever thought, “Hey! That’s my idea — they beat me to it!” Well, you can’t turn back time, and once a product or service it out there, you can’t reclaim it as your own.

What you can do, is alter it, take a fresh approach, throw a spin on it. In fact, you’re probably better off this way, as you can identify what others are doing right or wrong, then adjust your offer accordingly.

Whatever you do, don’t be a copy — that’s a definite way to steer clients away.

Identify and Rate Your Abilities

A lot of these tips are probably feeling pretty intangible. I know what you’re looking for — a step-by-step process to help you identify your unique brand.

Ultimately, only you can formulate your unique brand, but I can offer an outline for getting started:

  1. Write down a list of “must-haves,” attributes most essential to your target client. Ideally, you will embody these items through your brand and business.
  2. Rate each “must-have” item.
    • 1= You definitely have it.
    • 2= It’s there, but not your strongest suit.
    • 3= This is an area of weakness.
  3. Look at competitors in your market and assess which “must-haves” they possess, as well as the ones they do not. Use the same rating scale.
  4. Compare. Where are there overlaps of skill and where are there opportunities?

We Can Help!

Early on in my career, I identified my unique brand as my desire to give and help others. Since then, I’ve paved my own path to success with this desire at the forefront.

I know you will find your unique brand. Let me help you get there a little faster, by downloading a FREE chapter of my book, Seven Figure Firm, How to Build A Financial Services Business.

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Discovering Your Unique Brand
In an industry of thousands of highly-skilled professionals, how do you stand out from the crowd to attract and retain new clients?

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