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Ideal Clients

Developing a Magnetic Approach to Attract Your Ideal Clients

In an earlier post I talked about the importance of understanding the difference between client experience and client service.

As financial advisors we should always strive to offer exceptional client experiences that will lead to successful and meaningful business growth.

Designing a great client experience will provide you with the foundation you need to reach the clients you want. Building off of my last post, today I want to dive into how you can actually start to attract your dream clients.

Before you get started in building your magnetic strategy for connecting with the clients you want, you should dedicate some time to distinguishing who your ideal client really is.


Identifying Your Dream Client

Here are some steps to start:

  • Make a list of characteristics you see in the clients you want.
  • Research available data online about what these types of clients look for in a financial advisor.
  • Recognize the different needs and priorities of clients between different income and wealth groups.

If you’re having trouble identifying your ideal client, start by making a list of your top 10 clients.

Categorize them by clients who you enjoy working with, clients who refer you, clients with the most assets, and clients who produce the most revenue.

If you see a few clients that fall on each of these lists, likely 3 or 4 will, then separate them and think about their common characteristics.

Are there specific characteristics shared among them?

For example: maybe they’re all small business owners or entrepreneurs?


Making Meaningful Effort

Once you have your target identified, there are some simple and effective endeavors you can implement to get the attention of these clients.

No fancy marketing strategies or expensive events required!

  • Be a good listener and ask the right questions.
  • Return phone calls and emails quickly.
  • Give away free advice (Facebook or LinkedIn groups are a great resource!).
  • Respond to online feedback like Facebook comments or Yelp reviews.


Develop an Elevator Pitch

You must appear sure and confident in yourself; otherwise you will never get a prospect.

If you can’t explain your services in an easy to understand way, you will not land prospects.

That’s why devising an elevator pitch is a great resource!

What is an elevator pitch? This is the ability to explain your value in an interesting way in less than 60 seconds. This is not easy and it will require some practice.

You want prospects to leave your meeting knowing:

  • How you can solve their problems or improve current situations
  • The specific benefits you offer
  • Why you’re unique from competitors

Essentially you want to give a concise answer to the questions: Who are you and what makes you different?


Get out of the Office

Make meaningful and lasting connections by meeting clients at places you both love.

If you love tennis or both participate in hands-on charity events, then reach out to these prospects or clients. Everyone is much more relaxed when you’re doing something you’re passionate about.


When it comes to attracting your ideal clients, you have multiple routes and resources to take in order to land the right prospects for you. With a little time and reflection, you can be serving your dream clients soon!


I’m Here to Help!

Schedule a call with me here. I’ll show you how to grow your business into the one of your dreams!


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Developing a Magnetic Approach to Attract Your Ideal Clients
Attracting the clients you’ve always dreamed of can be easy when you have a strong plan in place. See my best tips for living your dreams!

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