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Avoid Burnout

Five Steps to Avoid Burnout

When I first got started in the industry and would hear other financial advisors talk about burnout, I thought, “That will never be me, this is my passion!” I simply…

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Hiring Process

Four Misconceptions Hindering Your Hiring Process

As the leader of my own financial firm, I know a thing or two about the hiring process. In all my years of interviewing people (and being interviewed), I’ve realized…

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Relieve Daily Stress

Relieve Daily Stress with 5 Simple Solutions

Do you catch yourself talking about how stressed you are too often? Or notice a co-worker who looks like they may jump out of their seat if they have another…

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Being Productive Even When You Don’t Want To

We all have things we don’t like doing. We’ve run through our to-do list and end up at the last few items that we’ve been pushing off for far too…

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The Keys to Getting Your Point Across

When we talk to prospects, we have to remember that we are experts in our field addressing novices or people with no background at all in finances. There’s always the…

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Presentation Skills

Nurture Your Presentation Skills

Confidence and organization are the cornerstones of good presentation skills. Being able to give an effective presentation is not only essential for business leaders, but it can also enhance your…

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Seven Questions You Should Be Asking

We’ve talked about the importance of strong communication skills as well as the value of clients and prospects perceiving you as a good listener. To assure you’re really getting to…

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6 Effective Tips to Land Appointments

Crossing the barrier from prospect to client can be difficult. One of the biggest hurdles to reaching this new status is setting appointments. If you’ve found cold calls are complicated…

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Let LinkedIn Do the Heavy Lifting

The power of social media is undeniable. Last year it was reported that about 40% of Earth’s population (3 billion people) were actively using social media. Numbers don’t lie. They’re…

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e-mail hacks

Increase Productivity with These 5 E-mail Hacks

I used to catch myself feeling like I was racing against the clock, so much to do in such little time. When I was starting out I felt like I…

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