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Ideal Clients

Building the Foundation to Reach your Ideal Clients

If I were to ask any financial advisor what they believed set them apart from other field professionals, most would likely say client experience.

However, if I were to ask them to specify what exactly it is about client experience that sets them apart I think there would be a few left scratching their heads.

We know that client experience is essential to our success and growth, but do we really know what it means?

Part of this problem lies in the confusion of the meanings between client experience and client service. Typically people associate the two together. However, they are very different.

Understanding the distinct characteristics of each will be the first step to identifying and retaining your ideal clients.


What’s the Difference?

Client service is delivering the bare minimum or the expected basics that will give you a satisfied client.

Client experience is tailoring that service to clients and determining how each part of your business is organized to meet your clients’ unique needs.

When we tap into our ability to craft specialized and unique services that cater to our ideal client, we develop the power to attract the clients we want the most.


Designing the Best Client Experience

This is an exercise which demands intention and understanding of your ideal target. You must be thoughtful in your plan and delivery, and then you will see that you are drawing your dream clients.

To hone in on the best client experience, explore these questions:


1. Who does your client experience support?

The key to a strong client experience is understanding that it can’t be a blanket effort—it must be specific.

What is your niche or special area of expertise?

For example, you might only work with small business owners; or maybe your strongest areas are retirement or legacy planning. Identify your strong suits and strive to enhance them.


2. Where is your client headed?

After some self-reflection, you need to adopt the perspective of your clients.

What are their issues?

And what are the potential roadblocks they’ll face along the way?

When you have an idea of what their problems are, you can preemptively strategize and guide them on their journey.


3. Does your communication match their needs?

Having a unique and specialized strategy for success doesn’t mean anything if you can’t communicate it effectively to your clients.

This may take a little more time than sending out vague blanket statements or newsletters, but the payoff will be huge.

When you take the time to personalize messages, clients are going to feel that they are valued. Happy clients will mean better business for you.


4. Are you succeeding?

Implementing strategies and changing your delivery won’t matter if you have no way to measure progress. Carrying out annual surveys is a great way to check in and get meaningful feedback.

After pondering these questions, do you feel that you are truly providing a client experience that is bringing in the right clients?

Or are you merely giving basic service?


If you think you could stand to modify your approach a little more, then check out our next post on how to attract your dream clients while providing a 5-star client experience.


Until Then, Let’s Talk!

I can help you start living your dreams.

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Building the Foundation to Reach your Ideal Clients
The first steps to attracting your dream clients lies in distinguishing the difference between client service and client experience. Here you’ll find the path that leads to the ideal clients for you!

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