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Respectful Communication

Boost Morale with Respectful Communication

It’s not new information that people have different ideas, different strengths, and even different communication styles, but what’s important is that even among the differences we continue to practice respectful communication.

Practicing respectful communication can happen in a variety of ways. Regardless of how you choose to practice it, the benefits are innumerable.

What is Respectful Communication?

This is the ability to assert your own views while fully listening to the views of others, especially when they are differing.

Achieving respectful communication in the workplace is dependent upon a common value for collaboration to reach group goals.

Why is Respectful Communication Important?

Apart from treating others well and building relationships, respectful communication in the workplace can foster morale and productivity.

Turning to respectful communication during tough interpersonal interactions demonstrates your ability to self-manage and contributes to healthier and more productive relationships.

How to Practice Respectful Communication

Practicing respectful communication is the first step in building a solid team, when your team is strong they will build strong client relations which in turn leads to success for your firm.

Take these tips into consideration when embracing respectful communication:

Active Listening

Listen without anticipating your reply or how what they’re saying affects you. Practice eye contact, turning your body towards the speaker, and seek a quiet place without distractions for important conversations.

Be Open to Opposing Ideas

Leaders who take the “my way or the highway” mentality are missing out on a lot of great dialogues.

If you cut yourself off from hearing other people’s opinions, you are doing yourself a disservice. Acknowledge team members’ ideas and value them as equal to your own, even if you disagree.

Use Appropriate Medium

Some conversations are best delivered face-to-face. Be thoughtful when initiating conversations, consider if it’s a discussion that could benefit from the display of non-verbal cues or is it a simple message that can be sent in a quick e-mail or text?

Encourage Others

Aim to offer more encouragement rather than criticism. Don’t hover over your team members, doing so can lower confidence and cause a ripple effect into future situations when they have more autonomy on future projects.

Things won’t always go smoothly, and that’s okay, take that opportunity to offer constructive feedback. If you notice an area for improvement, point it out AND offer a solution for the team member to resolve on their own.

Solid Foundations

These ideas just skim the surface on how to demonstrate respect at work. They make up a solid foundation, but your imagination and thoughtful consideration will bring you many more.

When employed consistently at work, these respectful actions help ensure a respectful, considerate, professional workplace. And, I guarantee that a respectful workplace brings benefits for all participants.

We Want to Hear from You!

How do you practice respectful communication in your work space? Have you seen any results from implementing these practices? Leave a comment below or get in touch with us here.


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Boost Morale with Respectful Communication
Employing respectful communication at work can open your team up to better dialogue and an exchange of ideas that will lead your organization to success!

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