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Seven Figure Firm Book

The book that top producers are talking about;
Seven Figure Firm: How to Build a Financial Services Business that Grows Itself

By Barron’s Top 100 Producer, Erin Botsford

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If you are a financial advisor who wants more…then this book will teach the ‘how to’ in reaching your next level of success, written by someone who is actually doing it.

This is a no-fluff “repeatable roadmap” to reach Seven Figure production while actually building a self-managing firm that will grow itself.

Erin Botsford had all the odds stacked against her when she started in the industry in 1989. (read her personal story that shaped her view of money on page 23) She struggled early on and didn’t take a day off for the first seven years - not a day off - and was on the verge of quitting!

Erin, just wanted you to know that yesterday was a terrific day. I read much of your book on the plan flying home, wow, loved it. Thank you for sharing so much of you, your team, your secrets and what’s worked so well and your Passion for giving back in helping fragile children in Africa, touching. Impressive operation, team and of course success! As I indicated in my introduction, an Industry Rock Star and highly regarded peer and now our good friend. No question you’ve figured out “the breaking through the ceiling of complexity” with Systems & Processes of Practice Management inspired by e-Myth, Strategic Coach and other Rock Star industry peers add on’s in the ever increasing of your “A Game.”.
~ SteVan H. Gates, CRPC® | Private Wealth AdvisorAllegis Wealth Advisors

Today she is an industry speaker, best-selling author, and sought-after trainer as well as the CEO of Botsford Financial Group, a Barron’s Top 100 investment management firm with two offices and clients in more than thirty states. She promised herself that if she ever made it to this level, she would give back to the industry that has given her a level of success she could never have imagined.

And that’s what she’s doing in her new book…

In the Foreword, Consuelo Mack, Anchor and Executive Producer of WealthTrack said, “Erin is making a huge difference in many lives. Seven Figure Firm can help you do the same and live the life you’ve imagined.”

Erin is known for her unique trademarked investment philosophy called “Lifestyle Driven Investing™ (found on page 69). Instead of following the typical advisor track, Erin set her own path and in this book she shows you how to forge your own path to create YOUR unique value proposition. You need to do things differently to get better results. You’ll enjoy this book as it’s…

  • No nonsense – she tells it like it is
  • No excuses – if she can become a Barron’s Top 100 producer, so can you
  • No pretense – clients want authentic relationships, not glitzy sales people
  • No holds bar – she pulls back the curtain and shows you what to do to move from having a financial services practice to building a viable business that runs without you.

“It's not often that you find a successful person willing to reveal the secret sauce of their success. But that is what Erin Botsford has done her latest book "7 Figure Firm – How to Build a Financial Services that Grows Itself.” Often financial advisers struggle to transform their successful practice into a self-sustaining business. Ms. Botsford explains how she did it and offers practical guidelines of how to replicate her success right down to the details of where to seat clients in an initial meeting and why it is important to keep track of their coffee, tea or coke preference to be waiting for them upon their return. In an era of robo-advisors, building a brand to differentiate your services is key and establishing systems to provide a consistently superior client experience is the equivalent of building the golden arches of a successful financial services firm.”
~ Mary Beth Franklin, CFP, Contributing Editor Investment News

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover in her new book:

  • The best marketing ideas, including her family and friends rule: Chapter 2
  • The 4 prospecting methods Erin used to jump start her career early on: page 34
  • The proper use of seminars and how to capitalize on momentum: Page 43
  • How to create your unique brand to stand out from the competition: Chapter 3
  • Why the Grid™ form of asset allocation is better than pie charts: Page 58
  • How her “blocks plan” helped overcome objections from reallocating: Page 64
  • The best ways to build your team, create leverage, and build a self-managing company: Chapter 4
  • Why the “rules of engagement” changed her business and how it will for you: Page 92
  • How to set up systems and processes that grows your business without you: Chapter 5
  • Using the “Ritz Carlton experience” to create raving-fan clients: Page 102
  • Why it is critical to know the psychology of working with women versus men: Chapter 6
  • The one key that is most important for you to know to differentiate yourself: Page 136
  • When does Erin’s work week actually start: Page 145

And more…

“I seldom enjoy these types of books, but this was a great read! Erin is the Queen of implementation. She has not only created the systems and processes to ensure success, but she’s actually applied them in her own practice with outstanding results.”
~ Jeffrey A. Concepcion, ChFC President & Chief Executive Officer Stratos Wealth Partners, Ltd.

Order your Copy today and armed with Erin’s “secret sauce,” make this year your best ever:

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If you want to model a proven process, then this is the book you need.

“At a time when the financial advisory profession is experiencing a dearth of talent, Erin Botsford shares her personal story describing how she turned head winds into tail winds to create a business that has been personally fulfilling, financially rewarding, and impactful on the clients and employees with whom she’s worked.  This book is an insightful read for anyone considering the business of providing financial advice as a career, and is an especially inspiring tale for women considering this profession because Erin herself is an example of how to conquer the unconscious bias of others, and one’s own fear of failure.  Erin not only touches on the emotion of building a business, but on the practical aspects of executing a plan that take the emotion out of the equation.  “Seven Figure Firm” is a worthy read for financial professionals seeking ideas and examples of how to transform from managing a book of business to running a true business enterprise.” 
~ Mark Tibergien CEO, Pershing Advisor Solutions, a BNY Mellon company