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Motivational Work Environment

Six Steps to Creating a Motivational Work Environment

Motivation is one of the driving forces behind a successful workplace. In all my years in the business, I have made creating a positive environment for my employees a top…

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Avoid Burnout

Five Steps to Avoid Burnout

When I first got started in the industry and would hear other financial advisors talk about burnout, I thought, “That will never be me, this is my passion!” I simply…

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Hiring Process

Four Misconceptions Hindering Your Hiring Process

As the leader of my own financial firm, I know a thing or two about the hiring process. In all my years of interviewing people (and being interviewed), I’ve realized…

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Ideal Clients

Developing a Magnetic Approach to Attract Your Ideal Clients

In an earlier post I talked about the importance of understanding the difference between client experience and client service. As financial advisors we should always strive to offer exceptional client…

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Ideal Clients

Building the Foundation to Reach your Ideal Clients

If I were to ask any financial advisor what they believed set them apart from other field professionals, most would likely say client experience. However, if I were to ask…

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Be an Effective Leader During Times of Crisis

When you run your own business, there are times when crisis feels inevitable. Many believe that true leadership is demonstrated in times of turbulence. How we perform when we are…

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Financial Planning for Newlyweds

Do you have a client who is about to take that big step down the aisle? Or have they recently tied the knot? Newlyweds have a unique experience, as they…

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Childcare Costs

Help Clients Cut Childcare Costs

This will come as a surprise to nobody — having kids is expensive. Especially when you consider childcare. A 2016 study found that the majority of Americans spent more than…

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Small Business Owners

Steps to Landing Small Business Owners as Clients

According to a study done by The American College, 6 out of 10 small business owners have not consulted with a financial advisor. And 3 out of 10 of these…

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Relieve Daily Stress

Relieve Daily Stress with 5 Simple Solutions

Do you catch yourself talking about how stressed you are too often? Or notice a co-worker who looks like they may jump out of their seat if they have another…

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Being Productive Even When You Don’t Want To

We all have things we don’t like doing. We’ve run through our to-do list and end up at the last few items that we’ve been pushing off for far too…

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college student

College Student’s Guide to Investments

In an earlier post I listed some ways that you can help out clients that have children in college. Today I want to take it a step further and go…

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Why Keeping Commitments Makes You A Better Leader

I want you to imagine a person you know who you consider to have integrity. What are the defining characteristics of this particular person? Why did you choose them? It’s…

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becoming influential

Six Keys to Becoming Influential

How many times have you found yourself opposed to a certain situation? Maybe it was something small like a change at your child’s school PTA or an ordinance in your…

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The Keys to Getting Your Point Across

When we talk to prospects, we have to remember that we are experts in our field addressing novices or people with no background at all in finances. There’s always the…

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Presentation Skills

Nurture Your Presentation Skills

Confidence and organization are the cornerstones of good presentation skills. Being able to give an effective presentation is not only essential for business leaders, but it can also enhance your…

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Helping Clients

Five Steps to Helping Clients Talk about Money

Talking about money is second nature to financial advisors. But to the average Joe finances can make even the most relaxed person cringe. Clearly talking about finances is our business….

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Seven Questions You Should Be Asking

We’ve talked about the importance of strong communication skills as well as the value of clients and prospects perceiving you as a good listener. To assure you’re really getting to…

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How to Talk to Clients About Overspending

In our last post I talked about the four factors that lead to overspending. Today I want to tackle the best ways to approach conversations with clients who are indulgent…

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Four Factors That Lead to Overspending

We’ve all seen it—the client who appears to be living large. But once you peel back the layers, you see they are not living a sustainable life and are usually…

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5 Mistakes That May Cost You Clients

When I reflect on why I chose this career, I did so because I want to help people enhance their lives while achieving financial stability. I’d say that most advisors…

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Learning Opportunities

Turn Objections Into Learning Opportunities

Rejection is a tough pill to swallow; especially when it comes to something we’re passionate about—like our work. When you’re making cold calls or engaging with prospects and you’re met…

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6 Effective Tips to Land Appointments

Crossing the barrier from prospect to client can be difficult. One of the biggest hurdles to reaching this new status is setting appointments. If you’ve found cold calls are complicated…

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Let LinkedIn Do the Heavy Lifting

The power of social media is undeniable. Last year it was reported that about 40% of Earth’s population (3 billion people) were actively using social media. Numbers don’t lie. They’re…

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Emotional Approach to Helping Clients in Debt

Stats have shown that Americans have reached a rather alarming financial milestone: consumers now collectively have the most outstanding revolving debt — or known as credit card debt — in…

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e-mail hacks

Increase Productivity with These 5 E-mail Hacks

I used to catch myself feeling like I was racing against the clock, so much to do in such little time. When I was starting out I felt like I…

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4 Steps for a Successful Onboarding Process

To lead a self-managing company you’re going to need a solid team. After 29 years in the industry I’ve gained more than a few insights into what makes a great…

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young adults

Financial Advice for Young Adults

For most, our 20s is an incredibly exciting time. Some have just graduated from college and got their first “adult” job. In our 20’s, we typically don’t have real responsibilities…

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A Modern Approach to Networking

In the past, advisors used networking to gain clients by flipping through a Rolodex. In more modern times, we reach out to people via LinkedIn. However, I find that I…

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business calls

12 Essential Aspects of Successful Business Calls

To obtain and maintain business you must project an image that attracts clients and puts them at ease. You spend time making sure that your personal image is in order…

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Financial Resolutions

Help Clients Make Financial Resolutions A Reality

We’re in the season of resolutions. Everyone is making their goals for the year and looking to adopt habits that will help them reach those goals. While not as common…

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6 Keys for Increased Productivity

A lot of times people equate hard work with burnout. If you’re not exhausted you must not have worked very hard, right? I’m going to let you in on a…

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online reputation

4 Tips for Managing Online Reputation

To land new clients, they must notice you, like you, and trust you. How can they do these three things if they’ve never met you? Nowadays many people turn to online…

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client relationships

Psychology’s Role in Client Relationships

When you’ve been in the business as long as I have you, you realize clients usually have unspoken questions: “Can I trust you?”; “Are you reliable?”; and “Is this your…

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Are You Asking Your Clients the Right Questions?

To succeed in financial services and planning, you must realize that it’s a relationship business. I’ve found that the ability to really listen and form personal connections with clients is a…

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Facebook Marketing

6 Facebook Marketing Tips to Help

Today everyone is connected online. Most people even search for services via social media or based on recommendations from online friends.  When it comes to social media you have many options:…

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Advising Clients Through Divorce

Going through a divorce (even the most amicable), brings about stress, anxiety, and big changes—especially financial changes. If you have a client who is in the middle of divorce, you…

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4 Ways to Help Clients With Kids in College

Chances are you have a few clients with kids who are nearing college age or may even be in college now. When it comes to higher education many parents focus…

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Supportive Environment

Construct a Supportive Environment for Your Team

When I got started in the business I was a machine, I had my hand in every bucket and I never took a step back just to breathe. However, with…

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Client Appreciation

Why You Should Host A Client Appreciation Event

If you don’t appreciate your clients, somebody else will. With the holidays just around the corner, it’s the perfect time of year to organize a client appreciation event. It can…

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Soft Skills Every Advisor Should Have

We all know that employers are looking at hard and soft skills when interviewing potential new team members, but in my experience, I’ve found that developed soft skills are vital…

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5 Ways to Develop Your Brand

Are you ready to create a growing and long-lasting financial services business that stands out from the rest? We have the secrets! Read on to find out how….. Firstly, it…

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Better Results

How Leaders Can Prioritize Their People for Better Results

Leading with a people-first mentality means recognizing every member of your team has unique skills, expectations, limitations, and experiences. Sounds easier said than done, as leaders have to adapt their…

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Respectful Communication

Boost Morale with Respectful Communication

It’s not new information that people have different ideas, different strengths, and even different communication styles, but what’s important is that even among the differences we continue to practice respectful…

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5 Ways to Maintain Your Routine During the Busiest Time of the Year

This time of the year can hand us a lot, and it can be difficult to maintain our focus with the holidays coming, projects ending and looking forward to a…

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The First Step to Success for Advisors

Without our clients, we have no business and to get clients, you must prospect and market. While the two are different the objective is the same—identify your target market, find…

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6 Surefire Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? Career goals for 2018? If so, you’re in good standing—research says you’re ten times more likely to successfully alter a behavior than you…

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Soft skills

5 Essential Soft Skills to Sharpen for Success

In an earlier post, I talked about some invaluable soft skills that every financial advisor should have. Really, investing time in developing a variety of soft skills will be beneficial…

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Career goals

Career Goals You Should Set For 2018

With 2018 quickly approaching, I’ve been reflecting on the last year and the success and happiness it has brought me. I’ve also been mulling over the things that weren’t so…

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8 Common Biases Your Client May Have

When a client makes an investment decision, they get influence from friends, family, peers, media and industry data. Behavioral biases are another factor that comes into play that clients are…

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How to Inspire Your Clients to Invest in Themselves

Not all great investments are monetary. One of the best investments your clients can make is an investment in themselves. Why should clients invest in themselves? Nothing in life is…

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Do Your Clients Think Money Can Buy Happiness

Everyone has different motivations for gaining wealth, and while money can give you choices, it cannot give you happiness. As an advisor, you might be wondering why this matters to…

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Finance-Inspired Holiday Gift Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you know at least one or two people that are impossible to shop for. Either they have everything or nothing seems like the “right” gift….

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7 Pieces of Advice for Clients in their 40s

Clients in their 40s are in one of the most important times of their lives. For the first time, they’re becoming more aware and concerned with retirement, preparing for their…

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client, advisor, investment, goal, business, commission, client complaints

Things Your Clients Think But Won’t Tell You

Have you ever lost a client without explanation?   No matter how you look at it, you can’t quite pinpoint what went wrong. Learning some of the things that most…

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process, business, values vision, team, firm, decisions, right attitude, skills, candidate, employee turnover, job, work, position, goal,

Poor Hiring Is Costing Your Firm More Than Just Dollars

High employee turnover and poor hiring decisions go hand-in-hand.   It’s a simple cause and effect scenario.   When you hire the wrong people for the job, you’re bound to…

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goals, task, bedtime, wake-up, routine, distractions

7 Habits for Success

Are you struggling to stick to your goals, despite knowing how important they are?   The trouble may be a lack of routine. Routine gives accountability and stability to our…

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business, team, firm, team member, function, work, advisor, employees, lifestyle

How I Built My Dream Team (And How You Can, Too!)

In Michael Gerber’s book, The E-Myth, Revisited, Gerber rationalizes what a financial advisor must be when launching a business:    A hunter/rainmaker/salesperson, who goes out and brings in business.  A manager, who initially…

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team members, truth, honesty, employees, teams, peers

Why Leaders Should Prioritize Honesty

Honesty is essential in all relationships; with your family, friends, spouse and colleagues. Even when the repercussions of honesty can be damaging, it’s always a better alternative to deceit. The reason being, the…

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5 Questions Advisors Should Be Prepared to Answer

Taking on a new client is a two-way street. Your prospect will be interviewing you, as much as you are them. While some clients may be more prepared than others,…

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Continuing Education

How Advisors Can Commit to Continuing Education

For your firm to grow, you have to grow too. There’s plenty of opportunities to grow and continue your education that occur outside the classroom. You may have a Masters,…

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Manage Expectations

4 Ways to Manage Expectations and Keep Clients Happy

Managing client expectations can be one of the most challenging and often frustrating experiences for financial planners. There are plenty of situations where a client may become rightfully agitated; for…

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Self-Managing Firm

Creating Systems for a Self-Managing Firm

The more things are systemized, the less opportunity for negligence and the greater chance your clients will experience a superb experience. When your firm is self-managing, you have more time…

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Psychological Differences

10 Psychological Differences of Women in the Workplace

Understanding the psyche of women in the workplace can facilitate greater ease of communication, employee satisfaction and conflict avoidance. Below are 10 telling psychological differences of how women operate in…

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Responsible Risk-Taking Without Jeopardizing Your Business

Taking risks and making mistakes can actually benefit your business. Here’s why: Mistakes… …create a more honest, open work environment. …offer opportunities for learning. …lead to more innovation and creativity….

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5 Ways to Overcome Motivation’s Biggest Demotivators

Now and then, there comes a day or time where you feel truly unmotivated. Even with the best intentions, demotivation creeps up on us. In a compelling article from the…

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How to Be a More Empathetic Leader & Business Owner

What is an empathetic leader? An empathetic leader leads with a goal of supporting and empowering their employees to achieve. Empathetic leaders value compassion, prioritize trust and build strong interpersonal…

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Better Speaker

Do You Want to Become a Better Speaker?

As a business owner, public speaking is an inevitable part of the job description. When you think of public speaking, you probably think of giving a speech, keynote or presentation….

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Clients Value

5 Ways to Bring Your Clients More Value

Consistently bringing your clients value can be done in a multitude of different ways. Using just one or several of the following tips for bringing value to your business will…

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Expert Networking

Your Guide to Expert Networking

Stop fearing networking and start embracing it! Consider these tips for mastering the art of networking and change the way you meet new people. 1. Be authentic. You don’t need…

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Productive People

5 Skills the Most Productive People Have Mastered

If there’s one thing I learned from building and maintaining a successful financial services business, it is how to master a handful of important skills, which can be applied to…

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7 Ways to Support Your Employees & Prevent Burnout

Employees are your business’s most valuable asset. As a leader, employer or manager it is your responsibility to support your employees, so they can perform at their best. Employee burnout…

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Losing a Client

Why Sometimes Losing a Client Is Okay

I’ve lost clients over the years. Sometimes it’s an amicable parting of ways, other times not. Sometimes it was my fault, and sometimes it was theirs. Relationships evolve with time,…

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Difficult Clients

7 Ways to Deal with Difficult Clients

We’ve all had that one client who seems to make things excessively difficult. Perhaps they’ve too overbearing or controlling, their expectations may be way too high, or they’re simply not…

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Are You Asking Your Clients the Right Questions?

All of lives we’ve been taught there’s no such thing as a wrong question. This may be true enough in most scenarios, but in financial advising, there are certainly right…

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financial advisor

Networking for the 21st Century Financial Advisor

Being a financial advisor 20 or even ten years ago is vastly different than today. With increased technology, buyer awareness and more options in the market, financial advisors have to…

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High Net Worth

3 Ways to Keep High Net Worth Clients

According to a recent survey by Fidelity Investments, advisors rely on current clients to generate nearly 48% of new business. Yet, nearly 45% of millionaires would not recommend their financial…

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A Quick Guide to Thinking Like a Client

Try a bit of role reversal and put yourself in your client’s shoes with these three simple steps. 1. Manage Information Ideally, your client tells you everything you need to…

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7 Ways to Get FIRED by a Client

You’ve probably already guessed it, but this is more of a “How NOT to” article. As in any profession, advisors make mistakes, some more costly than others. When you’re working…

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10 Reasons Humor Is Important to Workplace Success

Are your employees having fun at work? Chances are some extra laughs in the workplace couldn’t hurt, and will probably do more for relationship-building and communication than you think. Naturally,…

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What NOT to Do When You’re Tired

So, you’re tired. Well, join the club! We’re all tired; it’s a symptom of a busy, productive, successful, beautiful life. But, it doesn’t give you the excuse to make irresponsible,…

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make time

5 Things You NEED to Make Time for in Life

Picture it like this: when you take a wrong turn on a road trip, your GPS automatically re-routes you and sets you back on course. However, if you kept taking…

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Employee Fulfillment

The 4 Ingredients to Employee Fulfillment

As someone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen, cooking up elaborate Sunday dinners and holiday meals, I also have a ton of appreciation for simple, no nonsense recipes. With…

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hiring process

3 Misconceptions in the Hiring Process

One of the biggest mistakes employers make in the hiring process is treating candidates like children. They believe with a few exciting “perks” they can be won over in a…

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Unhappy employee

7 Ways to Spot an Unhappy Employee

If employee happiness isn’t already a top priority in your office, it’s time you’ve bumped it to the top of your list. Employee happiness is essential to the success and…

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High Turnover

Reverse High Turnover with These 4 Strategies

The polls are in, and the results may surprise or even upset you: the overwhelming majority of employees quit their jobs because of management. That’s right, you might be the…

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Evaluation Process

Rethinking the Employee Evaluation Process

Employers who regularly review their employees that is at least every quarter reap exceptional benefits: Employees know where they stand and what is expected of them. Together, you can identify…

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4 Ways to Constructively Respond to Disagreement

When a disagreement comes up in the office, as they inevitably do, how does your team react? Are you able to constructively disagree and find a compromise, or do office…

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How to Link Employee Strengths with Goals

Have you ever heard of S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting? The acronym is no coincidence for how profoundly it can improve employee performance. Before we dig into what S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting stands for and…

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Vacation Makes You Better at Your Job

Over half of Americans leave vacation days on the table, every year. Yet, taking time off is a necessity of personal happiness and wellbeing; not a sign of weakness or…

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Common Traps of Presentation-Giving

What does it take to be a great presenter? You’ve probably been to countless presentations, seminars, conferences, even a simple team meeting, where the presenter captivated your attention and didn’t…

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5 Ways to Stop Losing Your Cool

How do you react under pressure? Do you boil over with rage or stay cool as a cucumber? Controlling your emotions is a learned skill for many advisors — it…

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How to Be More Approachable with Your Team

Among leaders, it’s quite common to see a certain detachment or stand-offish nature between management and employees. For most leaders, the intention is “keep a distance,” to maintain some level…

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4 Ways to Criticize Kindly

Let’s face it, giving criticism isn’t exactly fun. It can be uncomfortable, awkward and all-around unpleasant. Yet, leaders face the unwelcome burden every day, as they try to improve, transform…

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Why Is Listening So Hard?

How many would agree listening is an important tool for all financial advisors? If you don’t agree, something is wrong. In fact, listening is arguably one of the most important…

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Understanding the Psychological Barriers to Investing

Clients will come up with a plethora of reasons for how they make investment decisions. As an advisor, it’s your responsibility to understand those barriers, so you know how to…

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engaging speaker

How to Be an Engaging Speaker and Keep Your Audience AWAKE

It’s not about you. You can spend hours thinking about how you look, how you sound, your visuals, etc. but you’d be misusing your time. Your presentation isn’t about you;…

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financial planning

Why Don’t More People Seek Professional Financial Planning?

Over three-quarters of the nation are dissatisfied with their personal financial standing, yet roughly a quarter of those individuals actually seek counsel. For financial planners, the opportunity lies within understanding…

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financial prospect

4 Features Prospects Look for in a Financial Advisor

Let’s take a step back and a step into the shoes of our prospects. We spend a lot of time considering our processes — how we prospect, our client relations,…

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3 Barriers Blocking Prospects from Becoming Clients

Are you getting the volume of business you want and leading the lifestyle you always dreamed? If not, ask yourself this, are there barriers standing between you and the growth…

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How to Spot a Worthwhile Wholesaler

Developing strong relationships with wholesalers who work with funds that interest your clients in simply makes sense. Here are a few reasons why. If a change occurs to a fund,…

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Thought Leader

4 Lucrative Ways to Be a Thought Leader

What is a thought leader? A thought leader is someone who shares their fresh, new ideas and implements them through leadership. A thought leader is: Passionate Innovative Motivated Unique Open…

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6 Stress-Coping Mechanisms for Business Owners

Realistically, stress is not 100% avoidable, especially as a business owner. What is realistic, is being able to cope with your stress in a manageable way to minimize its effects….

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business transition

7 Ways to Transition from Business Owner to CEO

In the life of every business owner, there comes a time when it’s necessary to transition from the role of business owner (jack-of-all-trades) to CEO. Why Make the Transition? If…

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female advisors

5 Reasons Clients Choose to Work with Women

In a male-dominated industry, the financial services sector is changing its stripes. More than ever, consumers are choosing to work with female advisors over their male counterparts for a handful…

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Listening to Clients

Are You Really Listening to Your Clients?

Here are simple ways to determine if you are really listening to your clients. Make the change now! 1. Control The Environment Setting the stage for a productive meeting is…

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Empower Employees

5 Ways to Empower Employees with Greater Autonomy

One of the greatest things I ever did in my business, was hand it over to my employees. I knew, early on, to achieve the lifestyle I wanted, I had…

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being generous

8 Ways to Err on the Side of Generosity

“It’s better to give than to receive.” But is this also true for the workplace? Absolutely! Generosity has been shown to enhance mental and physical well-being, as well as the…

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delegating to my team

5 Ways to Transition Your Clients to Your Team

When I began my career as a financial planner, I was doing everything, and I really mean everything. From answering phones to meeting clients, to organizing paperwork to handling administrative duties…

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Respectful communication

6 Ways to Practice Respectful Communication

Creating a “safe” space for communication paves the way to open dialogue and idea sharing so that you can get the most of our team. Practicing respectful communication is the…

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6 Different Leadership Styles, and When to Use Them

I’m not much of a golfer, but I know how to choose my club, depending on the shot. There’s a calculation every golfer must make and every club doesn’t work…

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psychology of sales

Understanding the Psychology of Sales

If I could go back in time, I’d start by choosing a different major in college. Instead of business, I’d choose psychology, because, let’s be honest, so much of what…

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systems that facilitate success

How to Create Systems that Facilitate Success

My philosophy has always been, the more things are systemized, the less opportunity for negligence and the greater chance your clients will experience a superb experience. For that reason, I…

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building your team

Building Your Team

It’s been said there are two ways to grow your team: Create a product, then hire people to sell that product. Become an entrepreneur and surround yourself with technicians who…

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email prospecting

6 Reasons Your Email Prospecting Isn’t Adding Up

Email prospecting can translate into promising sales leads and be extremely effective if done right. The reality is, most recipients won’t even read your email if you’re making any of…

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psychology of working with women

Advice for Women Advisors

Throughout my career in finance, I’ve paved my own way — I’ve been a “pioneer” of sorts in the financial service industry, yet I’ve never conceded to the preconceived stereotypes…

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streamlining your business

5 Ways to Streamline Your Business for Every Client

Is it time for you to streamline your business? Here are seven clues it’s time to simplify your business and streamline your processes: Your contact/client information is not consolidated in…

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Discovering your unique brand

Discovering Your Unique Brand

I don’t believe in blending in, following the crowd OR cut-throat, ruthless competition. I believe if your brand is unique and individual to you, there’s plenty of success to go…

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giving seminars

5 Valuable Lessons For Giving Seminars

Throughout my career, I’ve had the distinct privilege and pleasure of holding countless keynotes, trainings and seminars. Naturally, some have been more successful than others, but I can say with…

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9 Words Great Communicators Know to Avoid

Words mean things. Go figure, right? Oddly enough, the value our words hold seem to fall short on so many professionals, especially leaders and business owners. Saying the right thing…

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people first-perspective

3 Ways to Lead with a People-First Perspective

Leading people is hard, and the reason it’s so hard is a simple, yet categorically challenging thing: people. That’s right, the challenge with leading people isn’t your leadership skills or…

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prospecting methods

10 Prospecting Methods That Really Work

Just like any part of the sales process, you have to put in your due diligence when it comes to the prospecting process. For many salespeople, it’s the most dreaded…

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lessons for financial advisors

6 Lessons for Financial Advisors

Whether you’re a budding financial advisor or seasoned professional, there are several lessons, passing the test of time. 1. Don’t Follow the Crowd It’s okay to be different. Following the…

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motivations biggest demotivators

Overcoming Motivation’s Biggest Demotivators

Motivation is a popular topic. It’s been discussed, rehashed and looked at from “a different angle” time and time again. You might’ve read a book or an article and thought…

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sticking to your routine

8 Steps to Sticking to Your Routine

In a world full of distractions, notifications, alerts and opportunities, it can be hard to focus on one thing at a time. The overwhelming breadth and depth of stimuli takes…

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successful leaders

14 Ways Successful Leaders Build Their Dream Teams

Behind every great leader is an even greater team. The most successful leaders support and motivate their teams to reach their fullest potential in the following ways. 1. Set Clear…

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psychology of women in the workplace

The Psychology of Women in the Workplace

Gender plays a major role in company culture, office politics and working relationships. Understanding the psyche of women in the workplace can aid in greater ease of communication, employee satisfaction…

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think like a boss

6 Ways to Think Like a Boss and Be a Great Leader

Thinking like a boss, no matter your title will elevate your leadership abilities from good to great and pave the way to success. Don’t be fooled. The work of a…

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public speaking

7 Ways to Become a Better Public Speaker

Let’s face it — public speaking is an inevitable part of most of our lives. Experts define public speaking as “the process, or act of performing a speech to a…

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discovering your why

Discovering Your WHY

What does it mean to know your why? What is a why? Your why is your purpose or the purpose of your business. Discovering your why has a major influence…

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building financial services business, make this year your best year

Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever!

I’m not going to lie; I had all the odds stacked against me when I started in the industry back in 1989. I could have followed the typical advisor track,…

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building financial services business, make this year your best year

Building a Financial Services Business That Grows Itself

You’ve likely never heard of me–  my name is Erin Botsford. I have been in the industry for 28 years. Many refer to me as one of the early “pioneers,” when…

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