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6 Stress-Coping Mechanisms for Business Owners

Realistically, stress is not 100% avoidable, especially as a business owner. What is realistic, is being able to cope with your stress in a manageable way to minimize its effects.

1. Look at what’s going right.

During deeply stressful times, it helps to take a step back and gain perspective. Usually, it’s only 1 or 2 things troubling you, causing real stress, while the rest of your life is going great.

Grab a pen and paper, and write down all the things in your life that are going well. I guarantee once you see the imbalance of your stress, you’ll have an easier time slowing down, taking a deep breath and gaining perspective on your situation.

2. Tackle your top priorities, first.

If you’ve got a lot to do, firstly get super specific on what those things are. From there, prioritize your list, with the aim to tackle the most important priority first.

Sometimes having too much can be debilitating and ultimately lead us to take no action, at all — start small if you have to, to gain momentum and start checking things off.

3. Clear the clutter.

Physical clutter is often a reflection of mental clutter. Tidy up your space, in an effort to make physical and mental space to work — gaining control of your physical space can turn your mindset on a dime and empower you to take action.

4. Give up some control.

Ask for help. You can’t do it all — maybe it’s time to loosen your grip simply. Entrepreneurs and business owners are so used to doing everything themselves; they have a hard time recognizing when it’s time to let go and let others in.

5. Scrap your to-do list.

At the end of the day, toss your to-do list in the trash and start fresh the next day — even if you didn’t complete the entire thing. There’s no sense in dragging yesterday’s “failures” into tomorrow.

6. Don’t make yourself the victim.

Remember, stress happens to everyone. Don’t lose hope in yourself or your ability to get through this rocky patch. Your stress is not a weakness; it is a human experience. Talk to someone about the challenges you’re facing and get everything off your chest.

The most important key to coping with stress is taking it step-by-step and recognizing; you’re not going to solve all your problems in the blink of an eye, just because you want them to go away. Be patient with yourself and next time you’re feeling stressed, try a couple of these tips.

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6 Stress-Coping Mechanisms for Business Owners
Feeling stressed? We’ve all been there! Don’t let stress run you over, instead learn 7 Stress-Coping Mechanism designed specifically for Business Owners.

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