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6 Reasons Your Email Prospecting Isn’t Adding Up

Email prospecting can translate into promising sales leads and be extremely effective if done right.

The reality is, most recipients won’t even read your email if you’re making any of these common fatal email prospecting mistakes.

Even if you think you’re doing pretty well with your email prospecting, there may still be room for improvement:

1. Your Emails Are Too Wordy

Plain and simple: you’re writing too much. Email prospecting isn’t the time or opportunity to go into excruciating detail about your offerings.

Imagine you are the recipient and you’ve just received your first ever message from the sender:

Are you really going to be inclined to read a length message from someone you don’t even know or are only briefly acquainted with?

In fact, you may even be a bit turned off by such a long message and send it straight to “Trash.”

Keep your prospecting emails short — think 4-5 sentences. Get to the point and don’t get too wordy.

2. You Sound “Sales-Y” or Gimmicky

Write as if you’re talking to a friend or peer. Go through your inbox and take a look at how you’re already communicating with those who already know, like and trust you.

What words or phrases would you definitely not use with a friend or peer? Avoid those same “no-no’s” in your prospecting emails!

Remove buzzwords and salesperson “lingo” — just be yourself, and you’ll be more likely to elicit a response. 

Finally, don’t overcomplicate your message in an attempt to come across as sophisticated or intelligent — you should be able to convey your message in the simplest of terms and still maintain credibility.

3. Your Emails Are Generic

You’re not personalizing your emails, and your recipient ends up feeling like another number in the crowd. Prospects will see right through your generic email and be quick to delete it.

Saving time by sending mass emails overlooks a key rule of prospecting: quality over quantity. 

If you’re serious about creating a genuine connection with your prospects and eventually clients, take the time to personalize your emails.

It starts by addressing your prospect by their namenone of that “Hi Friend” business.

Show you’ve done your homework about their company or personal history by including a short tidbit of personalized info.

Personalizing your emails displays great respect to your prospects and paves the way for a trusting relationship.

4. You’re Not Offering Value

What makes you stand out from dozens, if not hundreds of others emails if you’re failing to offer value?

Consider what is valuable to your prospect.

  • Would offering an eBook, training guide or discount entice your prospect?
  • Can you include a link to an article you’ve written or video seminar?

Offering tangible value from the get-go will boost your chances of receiving a positive reply.

Having trouble coming up with value for your prospect? Consider their potential pain points, frustrations and unmet needs.

5. You’re Forgetting a Call to Action

Give your prospects a gateway to take the next step. Encourage them to take a specific action or pursue further communication.

Here’s where you can get creative! A call to action (CTA) can be a few things, for example:

See how many ways there are to prompt your prospect to take action? And, each displays a different, unique element of value. Double win!

6. You’re Sending at the Wrong Time

Segment your prospects by time zone. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to send all prospecting emails at the same time, if they’re scattered across the country or world.

When it comes to timing, the best time to send is when email volume is lowest, thus decreasing inbox competition — open rates are highest on weekends, early morning and in the evening.

If you want to get really technical, consider investing in an email tracking software, which can offer insight to who is opening your messages, as well as when.

If you’re making any of these common email prospecting mistakes, it ends TODAY!

Let us know in the comments below how you’re going to step up your email prospecting game!

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6 Reasons Your Email Prospecting Isn't Adding Up
Email prospecting can translate into promising sales leads and be extremely effective if done right.

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