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Facebook Marketing

6 Facebook Marketing Tips to Help

Today everyone is connected online. Most people even search for services via social media or based on recommendations from online friends. 

When it comes to social media you have many options: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Today I’m going to focus on one in particular: Facebook. 

Using social media can help you score prospects, but if used without a plan is just a waste of time; it may even turn some people off of your services. 

Here are some marketing tips that will have Facebook doing the work bringing in prospects, so you have more time to relax. 

1. Ads are investments, not expenses

Expenses are typically a sunk cost. You won’t get your money back on the dinner you had last night—that’s an expense.

But having your advertisements seen by Facebook users is an investment. Facebook marketing can expand your presence and rake in new clients. 

2. Capitalize on your popular content

Facebook allows you to choose a message and then amplify it to the world. So why not choose to amplify content that has already proven to do well for you?

For example, if you have a blog post that gets more comments, shares, etc. than others, post it to Facebook! The proof of its success is there, to distribute it to more people. 

3. Timing is key

This will take some research; see when your target market is most active online and post at that time for optimal engagement. For about a week check periodically throughout the day to see who is active and at what time of day. 

Those targeting businesses almost always see higher engagement on weekdays. However, those targeting consumers see an increase in engagement on the weekends 

4. Get contact information

Remember, Facebook is just a space where you are operating, but not owning. It’s important that after initial interaction you move followers from Facebook to your website or mailing list. Consistently collect e-mails to grow your prospect list. 

5. Monitor ad frequency

Frequency is the average number of times your ad was served to each person. One person could’ve seen your ad twice while another saw your ad three times or even just once.

However, once the numbers are large enough, these variations are irrelevant. Watching this frequency can help you ditch unsuccessful ads and initiate newer content.  

If someone has seen your ad 3 times and taken no action, they probably won’t take action the fourth time they see it. Get rid of that ad and move on to a new one or target a new audience entirely. 

6. Test your images

You will never know which ad will run the best so be flexible and monitor which images you use are garnering attention and clicks. One test can save you thousands of dollars over the course of a campaign. 

Facebook marketing is a great resource, but without proper action, you’re wasting time and money. Have you been using Facebook to reel in prospects? Let me know!  

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6 Facebook Marketing Tips to Help
Facebook is a powerful tool when used correctly. See my best marketing tips to engage prospects online!  

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