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5 Ways to Develop Your Brand

Are you ready to create a growing and long-lasting financial services business that stands out from the rest?

We have the secrets! Read on to find out how…..

Firstly, it is essential to differentiate yourself from competitors. Two ways to stand out to clients are establishing an exceptional value proposition and creating a unique tool, or both!

Going forward as you internalize these tips, remember to evolve your business over time. Success does not happen overnight!

You will stay relevant if you continuously update a few things related to your brand, including:

  • Logos
  • Website
  • Folders, pens, or other freebies you give clients

Everything related to your brand should undergo some renovation every few years. Luckily for you, many advisors don’t take the time to do this—so making a few small changes on your part can help you really stand out from the other financial businesses.

What Is Your Personal Brand?

Your brand is your “mark” that you will leave with clients. It will represent you, your career, skills, and values.

Something I learned early on in my career while making cold calls was that many clients already had established relationships with at least one other industry professional.

How could I, a stranger, set myself apart from someone they already knew? How could I pique their interest?

If you don’t establish your own personal brand, somebody else will get ahead of you in the business.

1. Build a Platform

You will need a website and social media accounts to share your voice and connect with clients.

2. Identify Your Strengths

You can’t promote yourself if you aren’t even sure of your best qualities. Take some time for serious self-reflection and if you’re stuck—ask others what they think your strengths are.

Consider these questions:

  • How do I make others feel?
  • How do others benefit from working with me?
  • What sets me apart from others in the industry?

3. Clear Position

You must make the differences between you and competitors clear to clients. If they don’t notice a difference between you and the other guy what is the incentive to go with your business?

4. Be Visible and Accessible

Set your social media profiles to public, attend industry conferences, network, and hold a live Q&A with followers on social media to market your brand.

5. Detailed Notes

As your business grows because of your unique brand, so will your contact list. Be sure to maintain detailed records and lists of your contacts.

You want to establish meaningful relationships with clients and make sure they know they are valued.

We Can Help

Are you ready to revamp your brand and get noticed by potential clients?

For more in-depth examples and the psychology behind my process, check out my book Seven Figure Firm: How to Build a Financial Services Business that Grows Itself. You can order it directly here.

If you want more information, get in touch with us at 866-846-4943 or through this form on the website.


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5 Ways to Develop Your Brand
Establishing and evolving your personal brand is key to business growth and success. See some of my guidelines for getting your brand off the ground.

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