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5 Mistakes That May Cost You Clients

When I reflect on why I chose this career, I did so because I want to help people enhance their lives while achieving financial stability. I’d say that most advisors would agree with me.

In order to do our job and do it well, we have to be on top of our game. Client relationships are sensitive. One misstep could sadly undo months or even years of work.

If keeping your clients happy is a top priority (which it should be), be sure to never do these five things:

Five Mistakes That Could Cost You Clients

1. Leave clients uncontacted

A huge reason clients leave their advisors is a lack of communication.

Nowadays we have so many resources that can help us stay in touch: Facebook, E-mail, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

While phone calls and e-mail should be exclusively for business related talk, you could use other platforms to stay in touch with clients.

Share an article on Facebook or invite your client to a LinkedIn group you think they may find interesting as a way to let them know that you have them in mind.

Be sure that you aren’t only ever reaching out with negative news!


2. Ignore clients’ spouse

This should go without saying, but a quick way to annoy a client is to blatantly ignore their partner. While their significant other may not be the one making decisions, you can’t just ignore them.


3. Get lazy with notes

You want to know as much as possible about your clients (tactfully), so that you can deliver top personalized service. When you go beyond the surface clients take notice, and they’ll feel at ease with your guidance.

At minimum you should know birthdays, children’s names, and workplace. Other helpful things could be hobbies or favorite restaurants — who knows when these details will come in handy!


4. Talk down to clients

Our field can get very technical and frankly finances can be rather dry and/or confusing to those not in the industry.

While you certainly understand the financial jargon, there’s no reason to make your client feel stupid. On the contrary, you want to make relevant themes as easily understood as possible.

When you explain things in a way to help your clients easily understand, everyone wins and your clients will go home happy.


5. Spread yourself thin

While you may want to take on anyone and everyone as a client, it’s not the smartest decision.

For one, you won’t be able to adequately give attention to each client and they’ll surely take notice.

In addition, you want your clients to feel special. The easiest way to do this is to give them the best version of yourself.

Have you made one of these mistakes? If so, don’t worry and just focus on growing from it. If you can see that you may run into one of these issues—I can help!

Schedule a call with me here. I’ll show you how to grow your business into the one of your dreams!


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5 Mistakes That May Cost You Clients
When it comes to nurturing client relationships, see what 5 mistakes you should avoid making.

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