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4 Tips for Managing Online Reputation

To land new clients, they must notice you, like you, and trust you. How can they do these three things if they’ve never met you? Nowadays many people turn to online presence as an indicator of personality, intelligence, and character. 

According to Forbes, 42% of U.S. adults look someone up before doing business with them.  

That percentage is large. If you’re not managing your online presence, who knows what kind of impression you’re making on prospects? 

If you want to land prospects before meeting them, you need a solid online reputation. To maintain a good standing, there are some tasks you can do to make sure everything is in order and appealing to prospects. 

What is Online Reputation?

This is how you present yourself online: using LinkedIn, social media, your company website, etc., combined with what others are saying about you.  

Open Google. Now search your name. What do you see? 

Now type your company or brand name. What do you see? 

The search results will give you an idea about your online reputation. 

How to Manage Your Online Rep 

To stay up to date with what clients and prospects can see online, you should follow these steps for regular reputation maintenance.  

1. Check Online Reviews

What are people saying about you and your services? If you notice a negative review, respond and see what you can do to settle the issue.

Don’t stress too much. The more recent reviews are the ones that hold more weight. Think online reviews aren’t important?

According to a Nielsen Trust in Advertising Survey, 66% of global customers indicated they trust online reviews from strangers when making purchasing decisions.  

2. Enact Google Alerts

Stay in the know by turning on Google alerts for your name.  

All you have to do is go to google.com/alerts and enter the search terms you want the Google Alert to track, separated by commas. Include financial advisor, city, and your company to be more specific.

If someone writes something about you or your company (or anything you have an alert about), you get a little “ping” in your inbox. 

3. Updated Social Media

Don’t get lazy here! If you have created a Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter then you must commit to regularly updating them. 

A prospect can find you online and likes your services. But if they see that the last time you posted something was over six months ago, they will probably assume you’re no longer in business. 

4. Avoid Trolls

This is generally a good rule for all Internet interactions, but especially when your business is on the line. Do not under any circumstances get into arguments online!  

Even if someone else is engaging you in harsh words, you run the risk of looking unprofessional and rude. Save yourself the trouble here. 

Following these tips and generally being aware of how you are perceived online will allow you to digitally “put your best foot forward.” Make a good impression on prospects online, and you’ll see positive results. 

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4 Tips for Managing Online Reputation
 If you’re not monitoring your online presence, you could be costing yourself valuable prospects. Follow our tips for maintaining your online reputation. 

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