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4 Features Prospects Look for in a Financial Advisor

Let’s take a step back and a step into the shoes of our prospects. We spend a lot of time considering our processes — how we prospect, our client relations, internal systems, etc.

But what about the prospect and their process when it comes to finding a financial advisor?

Take a peek through the eyes of your prospect, to understand how you’re being evaluated so that you can put your best foot forward.

1. Personal Recommendations

The first thing most prospects do is seek information and recommendations from their inner circles.

The weight of a personal recommendation is valued much higher than that of a stranger or online resource — we’ve all been in that boat and have probably been through a similar experience when hiring a contractor or other service provider.

Maintaining a positive relationship with your current clients is the best way to ensure you’ll be highly recommended within their peer groups.

Go above and beyond to satisfy your clients by taking an interest in subtle personal aspect of their lives, such as the name of spouses or children, their favorite sports team, their drink of choice, etc.

These slight distinctions gain major points with clients and could be the reason they recommend you to a friend.

2. Availability of Information

If a prospect is recommended to your firm or stumbles across your site, the first thing they’ll look for is information about who you are, what you do and who you serve.

Basic information about your educational background, certifications, areas of expertise and so on should be enough to inform your prospect without bogging them down with too much information — stick to what it most relevant.

Within a few minutes of perusing your site, a prospect should get the “gist” of your firm and whether or not they want to contact you for more information.

A bonus is to include free resources that speak to your credibility, such as books you’ve written, podcasts, articles, videos, online training, etc.

3. Your Service

Beyond the actual services your firm supplies, prospects want to know what kind of relationship they’re getting into; client testimonials is a great way to shed light on the more personal aspect of your firm.

Once you’ve established the first connection to your prospect, (perhaps they’ve signed up for your mailing list or sent an inquiry) pay special attention to your communication conduct, including email, phone and in-person.

Your prospect will be taking every interaction into consideration, as either a point for or against you. There are thousands of financial advisors who can provide the same service — how will you stand out?

4. Credentials

Make it clear you are a reputable, certified and licensed professional. Financial advisors are privy to some of the most personal, sensitive information an individual can have — simply displaying your credentials on your site gives prospects the necessary assurance to know they’re in capable hands.

Your distinctions such as CFP, CRPC, AEP, RFC and so on, carry significant value and weight in the eyes of prospects and will indicate your level of professionalism to meet their needs.

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4 Features Prospects Look for in a Financial Advisor
What are the most important things prospects look for in a financial advisor? Check out our article and see if your firm is filling the demand!

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