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college student

College Student’s Guide to Investments

In an earlier post I listed some ways that you can help out clients that have children in college. Today I want to take it a step further and go…

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Why Keeping Commitments Makes You A Better Leader

I want you to imagine a person you know who you consider to have integrity. What are the defining characteristics of this particular person? Why did you choose them? It’s…

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becoming influential

Six Keys to Becoming Influential

How many times have you found yourself opposed to a certain situation? Maybe it was something small like a change at your child’s school PTA or an ordinance in your…

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The Keys to Getting Your Point Across

When we talk to prospects, we have to remember that we are experts in our field addressing novices or people with no background at all in finances. There’s always the…

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Presentation Skills

Nurture Your Presentation Skills

Confidence and organization are the cornerstones of good presentation skills. Being able to give an effective presentation is not only essential for business leaders, but it can also enhance your…

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Helping Clients

Five Steps to Helping Clients Talk about Money

Talking about money is second nature to financial advisors. But to the average Joe finances can make even the most relaxed person cringe. Clearly talking about finances is our business….

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Seven Questions You Should Be Asking

We’ve talked about the importance of strong communication skills as well as the value of clients and prospects perceiving you as a good listener. To assure you’re really getting to…

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How to Talk to Clients About Overspending

In our last post I talked about the four factors that lead to overspending. Today I want to tackle the best ways to approach conversations with clients who are indulgent…

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Four Factors That Lead to Overspending

We’ve all seen it—the client who appears to be living large. But once you peel back the layers, you see they are not living a sustainable life and are usually…

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5 Mistakes That May Cost You Clients

When I reflect on why I chose this career, I did so because I want to help people enhance their lives while achieving financial stability. I’d say that most advisors…

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