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Learning Opportunities

Turn Objections Into Learning Opportunities

Rejection is a tough pill to swallow; especially when it comes to something we’re passionate about—like our work. When you’re making cold calls or engaging with prospects and you’re met…

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6 Effective Tips to Land Appointments

Crossing the barrier from prospect to client can be difficult. One of the biggest hurdles to reaching this new status is setting appointments. If you’ve found cold calls are complicated…

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Let LinkedIn Do the Heavy Lifting

The power of social media is undeniable. Last year it was reported that about 40% of Earth’s population (3 billion people) were actively using social media. Numbers don’t lie. They’re…

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Emotional Approach to Helping Clients in Debt

Stats have shown that Americans have reached a rather alarming financial milestone: consumers now collectively have the most outstanding revolving debt — or known as credit card debt — in…

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e-mail hacks

Increase Productivity with These 5 E-mail Hacks

I used to catch myself feeling like I was racing against the clock, so much to do in such little time. When I was starting out I felt like I…

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4 Steps for a Successful Onboarding Process

To lead a self-managing company you’re going to need a solid team. After 29 years in the industry I’ve gained more than a few insights into what makes a great…

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young adults

Financial Advice for Young Adults

For most, our 20s is an incredibly exciting time. Some have just graduated from college and got their first “adult” job. In our 20’s, we typically don’t have real responsibilities…

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A Modern Approach to Networking

In the past, advisors used networking to gain clients by flipping through a Rolodex. In more modern times, we reach out to people via LinkedIn. However, I find that I…

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business calls

12 Essential Aspects of Successful Business Calls

To obtain and maintain business you must project an image that attracts clients and puts them at ease. You spend time making sure that your personal image is in order…

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Financial Resolutions

Help Clients Make Financial Resolutions A Reality

We’re in the season of resolutions. Everyone is making their goals for the year and looking to adopt habits that will help them reach those goals. While not as common…

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