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Are You Asking Your Clients the Right Questions?

To succeed in financial services and planning, you must realize that it’s a relationship business. I’ve found that the ability to really listen and form personal connections with clients is a…

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Facebook Marketing

6 Facebook Marketing Tips to Help

Today everyone is connected online. Most people even search for services via social media or based on recommendations from online friends.  When it comes to social media you have many options:…

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Advising Clients Through Divorce

Going through a divorce (even the most amicable), brings about stress, anxiety, and big changes—especially financial changes. If you have a client who is in the middle of divorce, you…

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4 Ways to Help Clients With Kids in College

Chances are you have a few clients with kids who are nearing college age or may even be in college now. When it comes to higher education many parents focus…

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Supportive Environment

Construct a Supportive Environment for Your Team

When I got started in the business I was a machine, I had my hand in every bucket and I never took a step back just to breathe. However, with…

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Client Appreciation

Why You Should Host A Client Appreciation Event

If you don’t appreciate your clients, somebody else will. With the holidays just around the corner, it’s the perfect time of year to organize a client appreciation event. It can…

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Soft Skills Every Advisor Should Have

We all know that employers are looking at hard and soft skills when interviewing potential new team members, but in my experience, I’ve found that developed soft skills are vital…

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5 Ways to Develop Your Brand

Are you ready to create a growing and long-lasting financial services business that stands out from the rest? We have the secrets! Read on to find out how….. Firstly, it…

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Better Results

How Leaders Can Prioritize Their People for Better Results

Leading with a people-first mentality means recognizing every member of your team has unique skills, expectations, limitations, and experiences. Sounds easier said than done, as leaders have to adapt their…

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Respectful Communication

Boost Morale with Respectful Communication

It’s not new information that people have different ideas, different strengths, and even different communication styles, but what’s important is that even among the differences we continue to practice respectful…

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