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6 Surefire Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? Career goals for 2018? If so, you’re in good standing—research says you’re ten times more likely to successfully alter a behavior than you…

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Soft skills

5 Essential Soft Skills to Sharpen for Success

In an earlier post, I talked about some invaluable soft skills that every financial advisor should have. Really, investing time in developing a variety of soft skills will be beneficial…

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Career goals

Career Goals You Should Set For 2018

With 2018 quickly approaching, I’ve been reflecting on the last year and the success and happiness it has brought me. I’ve also been mulling over the things that weren’t so…

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8 Common Biases Your Client May Have

When a client makes an investment decision, they get influence from friends, family, peers, media and industry data. Behavioral biases are another factor that comes into play that clients are…

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How to Inspire Your Clients to Invest in Themselves

Not all great investments are monetary. One of the best investments your clients can make is an investment in themselves. Why should clients invest in themselves? Nothing in life is…

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Do Your Clients Think Money Can Buy Happiness

Everyone has different motivations for gaining wealth, and while money can give you choices, it cannot give you happiness. As an advisor, you might be wondering why this matters to…

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Finance-Inspired Holiday Gift Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you know at least one or two people that are impossible to shop for. Either they have everything or nothing seems like the “right” gift….

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7 Pieces of Advice for Clients in their 40s

Clients in their 40s are in one of the most important times of their lives. For the first time, they’re becoming more aware and concerned with retirement, preparing for their…

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Things Your Clients Think But Won’t Tell You

Have you ever lost a client without explanation?   No matter how you look at it, you can’t quite pinpoint what went wrong. Learning some of the things that most…

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Poor Hiring Is Costing Your Firm More Than Just Dollars

High employee turnover and poor hiring decisions go hand-in-hand.   It’s a simple cause and effect scenario.   When you hire the wrong people for the job, you’re bound to…

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