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How I Built My Dream Team (And How You Can, Too!)

In Michael Gerber’s book, The E-Myth, Revisited, Gerber rationalizes what a financial advisor must be when launching a business:    A hunter/rainmaker/salesperson, who goes out and brings in business.  A manager, who initially…

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Why Leaders Should Prioritize Honesty

Honesty is essential in all relationships; with your family, friends, spouse and colleagues. Even when the repercussions of honesty can be damaging, it’s always a better alternative to deceit. The reason being, the…

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5 Questions Advisors Should Be Prepared to Answer

Taking on a new client is a two-way street. Your prospect will be interviewing you, as much as you are them. While some clients may be more prepared than others,…

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Continuing Education

How Advisors Can Commit to Continuing Education

For your firm to grow, you have to grow too. There’s plenty of opportunities to grow and continue your education that occur outside the classroom. You may have a Masters,…

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Manage Expectations

4 Ways to Manage Expectations and Keep Clients Happy

Managing client expectations can be one of the most challenging and often frustrating experiences for financial planners. There are plenty of situations where a client may become rightfully agitated; for…

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Self-Managing Firm

Creating Systems for a Self-Managing Firm

The more things are systemized, the less opportunity for negligence and the greater chance your clients will experience a superb experience. When your firm is self-managing, you have more time…

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Psychological Differences

10 Psychological Differences of Women in the Workplace

Understanding the psyche of women in the workplace can facilitate greater ease of communication, employee satisfaction and conflict avoidance. Below are 10 telling psychological differences of how women operate in…

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Responsible Risk-Taking Without Jeopardizing Your Business

Taking risks and making mistakes can actually benefit your business. Here’s why: Mistakes… …create a more honest, open work environment. …offer opportunities for learning. …lead to more innovation and creativity….

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5 Ways to Overcome Motivation’s Biggest Demotivators

Now and then, there comes a day or time where you feel truly unmotivated. Even with the best intentions, demotivation creeps up on us. In a compelling article from the…

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