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A Quick Guide to Thinking Like a Client

Try a bit of role reversal and put yourself in your client’s shoes with these three simple steps. 1. Manage Information Ideally, your client tells you everything you need to…

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7 Ways to Get FIRED by a Client

You’ve probably already guessed it, but this is more of a “How NOT to” article. As in any profession, advisors make mistakes, some more costly than others. When you’re working…

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7 Undervalued Lead-Generation Tips for Advisors

Are your current lead-generation strategies working? If you’re not getting the results you want, you’re probably falling into the trap of outdated strategies: Newspaper/magazine ads: Print ads don’t necessarily target…

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10 Reasons Humor Is Important to Workplace Success

Are your employees having fun at work? Chances are some extra laughs in the workplace couldn’t hurt, and will probably do more for relationship-building and communication than you think. Naturally,…

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What NOT to Do When You’re Tired

So, you’re tired. Well, join the club! We’re all tired; it’s a symptom of a busy, productive, successful, beautiful life. But, it doesn’t give you the excuse to make irresponsible,…

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make time

5 Things You NEED to Make Time for in Life

Picture it like this: when you take a wrong turn on a road trip, your GPS automatically re-routes you and sets you back on course. However, if you kept taking…

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Employee Fulfillment

The 4 Ingredients to Employee Fulfillment

As someone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen, cooking up elaborate Sunday dinners and holiday meals, I also have a ton of appreciation for simple, no nonsense recipes. With…

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hiring process

3 Misconceptions in the Hiring Process

One of the biggest mistakes employers make in the hiring process is treating candidates like children. They believe with a few exciting “perks” they can be won over in a…

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Unhappy employee

7 Ways to Spot an Unhappy Employee

If employee happiness isn’t already a top priority in your office, it’s time you’ve bumped it to the top of your list. Employee happiness is essential to the success and…

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High Turnover

Reverse High Turnover with These 4 Strategies

The polls are in, and the results may surprise or even upset you: the overwhelming majority of employees quit their jobs because of management. That’s right, you might be the…

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