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Understanding the Psychological Barriers to Investing

Clients will come up with a plethora of reasons for how they make investment decisions. As an advisor, it’s your responsibility to understand those barriers, so you know how to…

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engaging speaker

How to Be an Engaging Speaker and Keep Your Audience AWAKE

It’s not about you. You can spend hours thinking about how you look, how you sound, your visuals, etc. but you’d be misusing your time. Your presentation isn’t about you;…

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financial planning

Why Don’t More People Seek Professional Financial Planning?

Over three-quarters of the nation are dissatisfied with their personal financial standing, yet roughly a quarter of those individuals actually seek counsel. For financial planners, the opportunity lies within understanding…

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financial prospect

4 Features Prospects Look for in a Financial Advisor

Let’s take a step back and a step into the shoes of our prospects. We spend a lot of time considering our processes — how we prospect, our client relations,…

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3 Barriers Blocking Prospects from Becoming Clients

Are you getting the volume of business you want and leading the lifestyle you always dreamed? If not, ask yourself this, are there barriers standing between you and the growth…

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How to Spot a Worthwhile Wholesaler

Developing strong relationships with wholesalers who work with funds that interest your clients in simply makes sense. Here are a few reasons why. If a change occurs to a fund,…

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Thought Leader

4 Lucrative Ways to Be a Thought Leader

What is a thought leader? A thought leader is someone who shares their fresh, new ideas and implements them through leadership. A thought leader is: Passionate Innovative Motivated Unique Open…

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6 Stress-Coping Mechanisms for Business Owners

Realistically, stress is not 100% avoidable, especially as a business owner. What is realistic, is being able to cope with your stress in a manageable way to minimize its effects….

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business transition

7 Ways to Transition from Business Owner to CEO

In the life of every business owner, there comes a time when it’s necessary to transition from the role of business owner (jack-of-all-trades) to CEO. Why Make the Transition? If…

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female advisors

5 Reasons Clients Choose to Work with Women

In a male-dominated industry, the financial services sector is changing its stripes. More than ever, consumers are choosing to work with female advisors over their male counterparts for a handful…

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