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psychology of working with women

Advice for Women Advisors

Throughout my career in finance, I’ve paved my own way — I’ve been a “pioneer” of sorts in the financial service industry, yet I’ve never conceded to the preconceived stereotypes…

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streamlining your business

5 Ways to Streamline Your Business for Every Client

Is it time for you to streamline your business? Here are seven clues it’s time to simplify your business and streamline your processes: Your contact/client information is not consolidated in…

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Discovering your unique brand

Discovering Your Unique Brand

I don’t believe in blending in, following the crowd OR cut-throat, ruthless competition. I believe if your brand is unique and individual to you, there’s plenty of success to go…

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giving seminars

5 Valuable Lessons For Giving Seminars

Throughout my career, I’ve had the distinct privilege and pleasure of holding countless keynotes, trainings and seminars. Naturally, some have been more successful than others, but I can say with…

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9 Words Great Communicators Know to Avoid

Words mean things. Go figure, right? Oddly enough, the value our words hold seem to fall short on so many professionals, especially leaders and business owners. Saying the right thing…

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people first-perspective

3 Ways to Lead with a People-First Perspective

Leading people is hard, and the reason it’s so hard is a simple, yet categorically challenging thing: people. That’s right, the challenge with leading people isn’t your leadership skills or…

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prospecting methods

10 Prospecting Methods That Really Work

Just like any part of the sales process, you have to put in your due diligence when it comes to the prospecting process. For many salespeople, it’s the most dreaded…

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lessons for financial advisors

6 Lessons for Financial Advisors

Whether you’re a budding financial advisor or seasoned professional, there are several lessons, passing the test of time. 1. Don’t Follow the Crowd It’s okay to be different. Following the…

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