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12 Essential Aspects of Successful Business Calls

To obtain and maintain business you must project an image that attracts clients and puts them at ease. You spend time making sure that your personal image is in order so why wouldn’t you do the same with your business image?

With some work you can imprint an image of trustworthiness that will lead to business success.

A huge aspect of your business image comes from how you handle business calls. Whenever you make or answer a call, prospects are deciding if they want to do business with you. Clients are evaluating how helpful and competent you are.

While you may have more relaxed relationships with certain clients, there are a few key behaviors you’ll want to maintain across the board for strong and successful business calls.

When it comes to phone greetings, simplicity is powerful. For best results, incorporate three easy elements into your business phone greetings: pleasantry, brevity, and sincerity.


Tips for Successful Phone Greetings


1. Pleasant Calls

This should go without saying, but calls should be enjoyable. Your greeting will set the tone for both you and client. Listeners tend to mirror the emotions of the speaker, so if you call or answer in a kind manner your listener is likely to respond in a kind way.

Even though you are on the phone body language matters. How we hold ourselves has an effect on how we present ourselves. So if you’re on the phone and slumped over at the desk you will likely not have the stellar encounter you want.

In order to achieve this you could implement a simple ritual. This can be something as easy as sitting on the edge of your seat, pulling your shoulders back, taking a deep breath, and then answering your phone.


2. Brief Calls

Short and sweet is always the way to go. Have a greeting too long and you won’t appear sincere. You’ll benefits from both not wasting time and coming off as more genuine with shorter greetings.


3. Sincere Calls

For clients to feel your sincerity, you should ditch any form of a script you may have. You should always greet your calls naturally and allow your client or prospect to get to their point.

Apart from these 3 keys to pleasant calls there are a few other guidelines that are helpful in ensuring a successful business call.


Tips for Successful Business Call Time Management

When it comes to executing a productive call you should keep these time management tips in mind:


  • Update contact info with specific details. Save yourself time by adding notes like “Mr. Smith takes lunch 1-2pm”. If you know Mr. Smith is out during this time then you can avoid a wasted call for someone who isn’t available.


  • Save regular callers’ numbers. If you regularly call a certain client then just keep their number programmed.


  • Plan outgoing calls beforehand. Write down a few goals for the call and any questions you may have. This will save time and ensure efficiency.


  • Lay out information of your client ahead of time. Have all the info about your client in front of you when you make the call in case you run into any problems or doubts.


What’s most important to you when making business calls? We want to know—leave a comment!


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12 Essential Aspects of Successful Business Calls
Making business calls is a huge aspect of our business image. Make sure you’re presenting yourself as trustworthy and professional by following these tips.

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