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10 Reasons Humor Is Important to Workplace Success

Are your employees having fun at work?

Chances are some extra laughs in the workplace couldn’t hurt, and will probably do more for relationship-building and communication than you think.

Naturally, there are appropriate and inappropriate ways to invite more humor into the workplace, and that’s for you to decide, depending on your company culture.

As if you needed convincing to laugh and smile more, here are ten reasons laughter is your next greatest success builder:

1. Humor increases productivity.

Humor gets people’s energy up; it gets them excited and can change the whole atmosphere of their environment.

When energy is up, creative juices are flowing, people are brainstorming, and people are excited about results. In short: greater passion equals greater productivity.

2. Funny people are more approachable.

Humans are drawn to humor like moths to a flame. When something is funny, we want to get in on the joke; we want to laugh too.

It comes as no surprise that humor makes individuals more approachable. This works to the benefit of employee-employee, employee-manager and client relationships.

3. It brings people together.

Laughter is a humanizing experience. It breaks down walls of tension, unfamiliarity and stress. You’ve probably been in the scenario where you didn’t know someone very well, but after sharing a laugh, you felt an instant bond.

4. Humor is an all-natural stress reliever.

It’s even been referred to as a “potent drug” with “contagious benefits.” When others laugh, you can’t help but join in — it’s something about how we’re put together.

Laughter is so successful as relieving stress because it is a physical and emotional experience — your body and mind are flooded with sheer joy.

5. It makes the workplace a more fun place to be.

Who doesn’t want to love where they work? When you spend upwards of one-third of your day at work, you better be sure it’s a place you actually enjoy spending time in.

Laughter makes people more excited to come to work; even on a subconscious level your brain starts to associate work with happy thoughts, memories of laughing, joking around, etc. — all good ways of reinforcing positive emotions about the workplace.

6. Humor diffuses conflict.

When people can laugh in the face of fear and conflict, rather than panic and run away, they’re also able to come up with better solutions to their problems.

It’s not to say they can’t or won’t also take the situation seriously, but being able to take it all with a grain of salt goes a long way.

Consider deploying a bit of tasteful humor to ease tension or crisis next time your team is in a pickle.

7. Humor makes people less critical.

Of themselves and others. We all want to be perceived as “right, ” and sometimes that can cause so much inhibition and stress, we’re unable to relax and let our minds ponder the possibilities.

Humor allows people to think outside the box and get creative in ways they otherwise wouldn’t. When we’re able to shut off the internal critic and afford the same kindness to others, we’re able to take new perspectives on old problems and come up with even better solutions.

8. It reduces turnover.

In our last post, we touched on the importance of employees enjoying their co-workers. Creating strong relationships among coworkers is integral to employee happiness and thus employee retention.

Humor gives people incentive to look forward to coming to work, as well as interacting with their coworkers. Great news for the employer, as that means higher retention and lower turnover! Win-win!

9. Humor builds trust.

Humor brings to light the real person behind the professional facade.

In fact, every point we’ve touched on, including approachability, creativity, ease and so on, all lead to greater trust. When people feel connected to one another, they generally also feel trusting.

10. It differentiates your company in your industry.

People remember positive emotions, whether they’re from the perspective of an employee or client.

When your employees love where they work, they’ll radiate that joy and pride in their client relationships and with others in the industry. It will be easier for you to land new clients and new hires.

How will you inspire more humor in the workplace? Let us know in the comments below!

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10 Reasons Humor Is Important to Workplace Success
Have you considered humor as a strategy for increasing workplace success? When it comes to relationship-building and communication, there’s no better tool than laughter.

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