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Tap into the force that drives you to success.

To get there, you need to take action with the Five Keys.

Erin Botsford has been selected as one of InvestmentNews' 2017 Women to Watch

Erin is willing to share her expertise with you.


If you are a financial advisor who wants more…then this book will teach the ‘how to’ in reaching your next level of success, written by someone who is actually doing it. This is a no-fluff “repeatable roadmap” to reach Seven Figure production while actually building a self-managing firm that will grow itself.


Learn directly from the Botsford Team. You’ll spend the day with our team and learn the five keys to success that can immediately impact your business. Our approach provides tools that include hiring the right people and working with high net worth individuals.


With an unrivaled commitment to her profession, Erin Botsford is considered a thought leader on 21st Century investing, risk management and retirement. She will inspire, teach and motivate your audience with her personal story of courage and success.

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Recipe for Success


Six Steps to Creating a Motivational Work Environment

Motivation is one of the driving forces behind a successful workplace. In all my years in the business, I have made creating a positive environment for my employees a top...

When I first got started in the industry and would hear other financial advisors talk about burnout, I thought, “That will never be me, this is my passion!” I simply...
As the leader of my own financial firm, I know a thing or two about the hiring process. In all my years of interviewing people (and being interviewed), I’ve realized...
In an earlier post I talked about the importance of understanding the difference between client experience and client service. As financial advisors we should always strive to offer exceptional client...


Enhance advisor conversations by exploring topics relevant to today’s trusted advisors which will result in better outcomes for advisors and their clients.


Building My Seven Figure Firm

In my latest podcast on Between Now and Success with Steve Sanduski, I talk about the financial lessons I took away from my adversities and how I built my own...

Among the top echelon of financial advisors and a Barron’s Top 100 Advisor, I am often asked to share my views on investing and the economy. Over the years, I’ve met...

“I have heard Erin speak many times over my career, and I learn something new and life-changing each time. Using a perfect combination of inspiration, authenticity, humility and grace, Erin is able to very intimately connect with her audience. Her story of success provides inspiration, but even more importantly, her humility allows for one to feel they could “walk in the same shoes.”

Michelle Clary, Wealth Advisor

"I feel like I have thousands of ideas running through my head on how to propel our own practice using the principals learned in the session. The day was truly inspirational and extremely personal. Thank you for opening your practice for "all to see" and I understand your staff's feeling of vulnerability in doing so. As an advisor who is always open to learning from those whom are extremely successful, I have a heartfelt appreciation for allowing me the opportunity to see the inner workings of your company."

Cindy J., Edmond, OK

"Outstanding investment of my time and money! Not often you can come learn from a person who has been enormously successful in our industry, yet is completely open and willing to share ALL her knowledge and intellectual property - what works, what doesn't, admit to failures and share the secret sauce of what took years and millions of dollars to build."

Jeff C. Miller, Charleston, SC

"This is a great meeting for anyone wanting to take their business to the next level. Erin's willingness to share what is behind the curtain helped to expand my understanding of what is possible. My biggest takeaway was that this type of practice is achievable by anyone. No special abilities are required. If you have a vision of turning your practice into a business, this is a great stepping stone towards realizing that vision."

Kelly Q., Palm Beach, FL